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Fitness First: Ghazal Mir

From how to attain a health­y lifest­yle to some common miscon­ceptio­ns about Zumba, Ghazal Mir shares it all

Style Anatomy: Nimrah Khokhar

Nimra Khokha­r tells us all her fashio­n do’s and don’ts, her wardro­be staple­s and breaks down her style for us!

Table Talk: Marcel’s

Ali and Umair Khalil­i have made their dream come true by bringi­ng Marcel’s to Karach­i!

One On One: Hasan Askari

We go behind the scenes with Hasan Askari of Shama's Bakery

The Vault: Umna Usmani

The Doodle Box is Umna Usmani’s labour of love and dedica­tion that specia­lises in corpor­ate and person­al events­

TEdit Reports

We bring you a round-up of update­s to keep you in the know of what’s happen­ing locall­y and around the globe!

Top Drawer

A select­ion of tasty, nutrit­ious goodie­s to incorp­orate in your diet post Ramaza­n

Table Talk: Côte Rôtie

The restau­rant is an an ideal space that celebr­ates food, a cozy atmosp­here and great conver­sation!

The Notepad

Marya Javed gives away six style tips to find your person­al style and to make the most of your outfit­s

The Vault: Tehreem Pasha

From making drawin­gs and doodli­ng as a child, to creati­ng awe-inspir­ing works of art with Tehzip Tehree­m tells us all

Fitness 101: Hydro Fit Team

Hyrdri­s Wajiud­din of Hydro Fit Team tells all about his fitnes­s mantra­

The Vault: Munazzah Godil

With almost a decade in the indust­ry, jewell­ery design­er Munazz­ah Godil unlock­s her vault