How to reform Pakistan’s agriculture sector

Ibtisam Ahmed | Updated Nov 26, 2020 |

Conferring blame on nature suits policymakers as it absolves them from political culpability

Indian farmers are rising up against Modi’s ‘Great Reset’

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The BJP fears the influence farmers hold over society, hence their interest in politically neutralising them

How Khadim Rizvi exposed and exploited a nation

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Rizvi did not create the hate, he merely exploited it and, in the process, made it even more virulent

Has contemporary Urdu poetry lost its essence?

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A shrinking imagination and an absence of philosophical thinking have contributed to the downfall of Urdu poetry

Ali Sethi: more than meets the eye

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Why is it important to build emotional intelligence in children?

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Being able to distinguish between feelings and holding only those that are important for growth could do wonders

PCB's new domestic structure: Improvement at the price of unemployment?

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Is the new six team model suitable for a country which has a burgeoning population of 220 million and counting?

Will Zindagi Tamasha dig deep into the intolerance in our society?

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Habib Jalib’s requiem for Armenia prefigures the current conflict

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Jalib penned verses on some of the most pressing affairs of the 20th century, whether local, regional or international