The need to focus on healthcare

Shahid Javed Burki | Updated 7 hours ago |

A well-educated and healthier population grows more slowly than those that have high rates of mortality and illiteracy

Plus minus

M Zeb Khan |

Governance has become a sporting game with winners and losers

Covid-19: give me fresh air to breathe, please!

Dr Rana Jawad Asghar |

With less than 0.5% of Pakistan’s population immunised

  • Democracy sans its cornerstone

    A census is how representation is divided, how funds are allocated and how constituencies are demarcated

  • Amnesty’s HR report

    Revealing countries used the Covid pandemic as a pretext to curtail fundamental rights of their peoples

  • Wholesale and retail climate degradation

    As long as fossil fuels are burnt, there would be a relentless march toward our extinction caused by climate change

  • Victory for PML-N

    PML-N’s magic in Punjab has not faded despite a sustained political campaign against its leadership from PTI leaders


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  • Illegal immigrants

    Pakistan is home to millions of refugees from neighbouring countries

  • Two-tier system

    We as a nation have been very unlucky in terms of leadership

  • Exclusion from climate summit

    Officials and environmentalists in Pakistan are annoyed over exclusion from the summit despite Pakistan being ranked as the fifth most vulnerable country with regard to global warming

  • Retracing our steps

    The Sindh government does not seem to be too eager to prevent the crisis