• Illegal immigrants

    Pakistan is home to millions of refugees from neighbouring countries

  • Two-tier system

    We as a nation have been very unlucky in terms of leadership

  • Exclusion from climate summit

    Officials and environmentalists in Pakistan are annoyed over exclusion from the summit despite Pakistan being ranked as the fifth most vulnerable country with regard to global warming

  • Retracing our steps

    The Sindh government does not seem to be too eager to prevent the crisis

  • Falling standard

    From attendance, quizzes and assignments to posting marks on LMS and CMS, the performance of teachers and staff members remain at variance with professional standards

  • The Holi festival

    Holi is the well-renowned festival of a very ancient Indus Valley civilisation that is celebrated by the Hindu community around the world

  • Religious tourism

    Promoting tourism will not only help Pakistan generate foreign exchange but it will also improve the soft image of the country

  • Education system failure

    All Institutions are run and controlled by the leading or commanding officer

  • Drug addiction

    Hazardous and toxic substances contain a high percentage of nicotine and other harmful chemicals, which are essentially poisonous to the body

  • Marital rape

    What men need to realise is that no means no, and a marriage contract does not change that

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