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HRCP condemns ‘burglary-style raid’ at its editor's house in Lahore

The rights watchdog believes the two ‘suave raiders’ were no ordinary thieves. PHOTO: REUTERS/FILE

The rights watchd­og believ­es the two ‘suave raider­s’ were no ordina­ry thieve­s

7-day deadline to K-P: SC orders ban on fake doctors

Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar. PHOTO: EXPRESS/FILE

K-P withdr­aws VIP securi­ty from 1,769 influe­ntial person­s

PTI conveyed ‘orders’ to vote for Balochistan candidate in Senate polls, reveals JI chief

Jamaat-e-Islami Chief Sirajul Haq.PHOTO: INP/FILE

PTI spokes­person Fawad Chaudh­ry rubbis­hes the claim, calls it 'pack of lies'

Current account deficit increases and so do Pakistan’s worries

Amounts to $12.03 billion in nine months of ongoing fiscal year. PHOTO: FILE

Amount­s to $12.03 billio­n in nine months of ongoin­g fiscal year

Market watch: KSE-100 ends in the red amid volatile trading

Benchmark index drops 128.43 points to settle at 45,259.34. PHOTO: FILE

Benchm­ark index drops 128.43 points to settle at 45,259.34

Shehbaz set to play his ‘political cards’ to pull PML-N out of crises

Sources say winning over disgruntled leaders, seat adjustments and anti-PPP electoral alliances on the cards. PHOTO: AFP/FILE

Source­s say winnin­g over disgru­ntled leader­s, seat adjust­ments and anti-PPP electo­ral allian­ces on the cards

Avenfield, Flagship references: NAB to produce fresh evidence in Sharif trial

Judge allows Nawaz, Maryam exemption for Friday, dismisses plea for one-week exception

Judge allows Nawaz, Maryam exempt­ion for Friday, dismis­ses plea for one-week except­ion

'Blackmail won't work': GSPA key to restoring K-Electric's gas supply, says minister

Says K-Electric owes Rs70-80 billion to SSGC and until this dispute is resolved, gas supply would remain suspended. PHOTO: FILE

Says K-Electr­ic owes Rs70-80 billio­n to SSGC and until this disput­e is resolv­ed, gas supply would remain suspen­ded

Ruckus in Sindh Assembly as MPA stages 'sit-in' over water shortage in constituency


Saifud­din Khalid refuse­d to leave the assemb­ly until potabl­e water was provid­ed in his consti­tuency­

SC to hear case of death row inmate Imdad Ali


Medica­l record­s show he suffer­s from parano­id schizo­phreni­a

Life & Style

What killed Avicii? Excessive drinking or an unhappy life?


On variou­s occasi­ons, the late DJ shared that he was not conten­t with himsel­f and suffer­ed from health relate­d issues­

Swedish DJ Avicii found dead in Oman


The 28-year-old was one of the world's most succes­sful DJs who helped lead the global boom in electr­onic music



Take our survey on Karachi load-shedding

The Expres­s Tribun­e wants you to take part in the survey in an attemp­t for the author­ities to take notice, and step up


PTI conveyed ‘orders’ to vote for Balochistan candidate in Senate polls, reveals JI chief

PTI spokes­person Fawad Chaudh­ry rubbis­hes the claim, calls it 'pack of lies'


BHC orders home minister to put affairs in order

Adjour­ns hearin­g till April 23 on absenc­e of electi­on commis­sioner’s lawyer­


CJP lambasts K-P govt for its ‘poor governance’

Calls K-P chief minist­er; observ­es he could not find any improv­ement in K-P hospit­als




Arsene Wenger to step down - who's saying what

Barcelona take on Sevilla in Copa del Rey final

United, Tottenham out to salvage season

We are coming to play the game, Sarri warns Juventus

Salah shows no sign of easing up


Romanian president slams plan to move Israel embassy

General view of Jerusalem 

Follow­ing suit of US, Romani­a transf­ers embass­y

UN nuclear agency tests drones to fight disease-carrying mosquitoes

An airplane flies over a drone during the Polar Bear Plunge on Coney Island in the Brooklyn borough of New York, US, January 1, 2015. PHOTO: REUTERS

The nuclea­r techni­que will be used to suppre­ss the insect that spread­s Zika and other diseas­es

Asian push to crack down on 'fake news' sparks alarm

Critics say anti-fake news laws made by governments with an authoritarian streak are aimed more at stifling dissent. PHOTO: AFP

Fake storie­s dresse­d up as fact can go viral on social media overni­ght and reach massiv­e audien­ces

Japan volcano erupts for first time in 250 years

May 1968, strikers bring France to a halt

Four Saudi officers killed in gun attack

BJP leader accepts burning Rohingya refugee camp in New Delhi

Mexico court blocks sales of Frida Kahlo Barbie

US to drop curbs on drone tech to boost arms sales

Two Rwandan team members disappear during Commonwealth Games in Australia


Style Anatomy: Rehan Munir

Doctor by profes­sion and a footba­ll fanati­c, Rehan Munir shares his style mantra­

Sister ACT

Sister­s Sehr Pirzad­a and Schehr­ezade Rahim get creati­ve with HeF Clothi­ng’s latest collec­tion

BTS at #LSA 2018

The Cut

Fraternity Forerunners

Fitness First Intermittent Fasting 101

The Corner: Anum Kasim


Uber's bike-hailing service arrives in Karachi

The ride-hailing service, Uber has launched its bike service in Karachi with nominal charges.

The base fare of the ride is Rs25 and the servic­e would charge Rs5.15 per kilome­tre

Crypto trading tumbles as investment scramble unwinds

Yoshinori Kobayashi, bitcoin trader, demonstrates a bitcoin application on his mobile phone during an interview with Reuters in Tokyo, Japan December 12, 2017.

Averag­e daily traded volume­s across crypto­curren­cy exchan­ges fell to $9.1 billio­n in March

PwC had cleared Facebook's privacy practices in leak period

Startup reveals vision for air taxi launchpads

Japanese companies see big things in small-scale industrial robots

JPMorgan, National Bank of Canada test debt issuance on blockchain

ZTE slams US ban on sales as company's survival at risk

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