• Strange logic

    Baqir did not mention whose pockets money went into; increasing poverty rate suggests it was not poor, middle class

  • Kashmir colonisation

    Since 1948, India has retained IIOJK by heavy military presence and a flagrant abuse of Kashmiris’ human rights

  • Grey list, but why?

    The good point is that Pakistan is complying, and has every intention to come out of the woods

  • Smog challenge

    Smog has killed more than 70,000 people in the recent past in Pakistan

  • New US envoy

    The new ambassador — Donald Blome — has extensive experience in the Middle East and Central Asia

  • Motorbike and carjacking

    Karachi, with a populace of around 25 million has for long been a victim of ad hocism, coupled with lawlessness

  • Breast cancer

    High incidence of cancer in Pakistan, deaths from it are due to lack of awareness about prevention and treatment

  • Botched intrusion

    Under international law, military vessels cannot intrude in another country’s waters without prior permission

  • Rejected loan applications

    In the given situation, it is understandable that all applications might not be entertained

  • Woman’s choice

    The new NADRA rule provides the space for women to continue using their maiden name even after marriage

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