• Standard language

    Even though we blindly adhere to the teachings of our colonisers, we need to make a conscious and collective effort to maintain our local languages and cultural heritage

  • Debt trap

    If people see that the politicians are working selflessly for the betterment of the country, they will cooperate and be willing to accept tough measures

  • Criteria for civil awards

    The award rightly questions the credibility and objectivity of the nomination and selection process

  • Harassment

    Harassment is one of the major issues facing the women of every age group in our society today

  • Public-private partnership model

    Students have mostly remained away from schools during the last one year due to the coronavirus pandemic which has decreased the learning opportunities for children

  • TikTok and the youth

    The recent ban on TikTok by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has generated a lot of controversy in the country

  • The noble profession of nursing

    Nursing is an old profession — and a sacred one too. Its history is as ancient as that of human civilisation

  • Domestic violence

    According to statistics, 13,478 cases were reported in the first five months of 2020

  • Withdrawal dilemma

    What is troublesome is the fact that the Taliban may resume their offences against the foreign troops if the latter failed to fulfil their commitment to withdrawal before the deadline

  • Fading book reading culture

    For the sake of promoting the reading culture, colleges and universities have to take it on themselves to initiate reading groups and reading theatres

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