• ‘Civil’ society

    Recent surge in the voices for the greater autonomy of individuals is providing an impetus for the assault on civility

  • Power of thought

    Even though the ability to think clearly, creatively and critically is a potent tool, many underestimate the power of thought itself

  • Ban on corporal punishment

    For many years countless videos have surfaced showing government school teachers mercilessly beating and abusing children for being mischievous

  • Modern education and Pakistan

    Education forms the main building block of a progressive and prosperous nation

  • CSS paper controversy

    We request the FPSC’s chairman and the concerned authorities to look into this serious matter and solve the problem

  • Democracy in Pakistan

    The losing candidate cried foul alleging irregularities in the election process, which to some extent was true

  • Extravagant marriages

    The trend of spending lavishly on wedding ceremonies has become a norm in Pakistan, which, in my opinion, is nothing but a sheer waste of money

  • Plight of children

    Children are the future of any country. The government must now get serious for saving this future

  • Poor health facilities

    Health insurance scheme remains to be implemented the way it is being advertised

  • Relief for pensioners

    Most governments in the world, especially those in the West, pay special attention to the welfare of the elderly class and provide them best social security

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