Health Republic

Fatima Shaheen raises awareness about social issues

May 05, 2020

Noted barrister - television host Fatima Shaheen vouches for Lahore’s latest state- of- the- art rehabilitation facility Health Republic. Shaheen endorses #IDareToQuit, a cause that merits to be highlighted nationwide. Learn more about Health Republic, its services and the need to raise awareness about the social issues here.

What is Health Republic?

Health Republic is a premium Psychiatric and Drug Rehab centre in Lahore, which for the first time in Pakistan fused the concept of hospitality industry with specialised psychiatric health care. Primary focus was to curb the judgmental behaviour towards drugs users/abusers, psychiatric patients and uplift the patients’ morale so they can contribute positively to the society in general. The concept is to make patients feel comfortable in a very luxurious/ humane environment where they can have chef prepared meals of their liking, watch their favourite TV shows, do yoga, play indoor sports, read books, meanwhile getting advanced treatments while they enjoy their comfortable stay at Health Republic.

Tell us about the #iDareToQuit campaign

The campaign #iDareToQuit is primarily dedicated to mental distresses and drug addiction in which we are trying to raise awareness about mental health well-being and drug use and abuse as the pertinent issue of Pakistan. I have volunteered to endorse this social cause which needs to be highlighted at all the levels. Substance abuse and drug addiction is the root cause of so many mental and physical ailments, social/economic problems and in many cases even death, specifically in our youth today. As a public figure, I feel I have a strong responsibility to use my fame to raise awareness and initiate conversation on issues that actually matter - hence endorsing this campaign on Drug Addiction and Mental Issues. Also make-up artist Rida, has stepped forward to be a part of this campaign. We will not only be going to universities but schools as well. Free medical camps will follow these awareness campaigns.

What is the message from the team Health Republic that they would like to share with our readers?

People suffering from psychiatric and substance abuse issues shouldn’t be judged or looked down upon as we don’t know what they or their families have actually gone through. Instead root causes should be identified and treatment done for such individuals and support provided to their families. These issues are manageable and should be managed. It is our duty on a whole as a responsible institute and society in general to provide love and care to such individuals and support and assist them at every stage. We believe in healing! So we don’t have another generation of drugs, alcohol addicts and trauma passing itself off as a culture.

What is Health Republic’s specialised work force?

Health Republic has a highly trained medical, administrative and legal team hired through strict HR procedures. Medical team comprises of Medical Director, psychiatrists, psychologist, physicians, visiting consultants (Dermatology etc.), nurses/dispensers and In house sample collection. And administrative team comprises of administrators, HR, security, procurement, attendants and public relations. All admission forms, high risk consents and official communication is in liaison with our Legal team i.e. Justice Naseem Sikandar & Co.

Who comes to Health Republic?

We treat a wide array of issues following strict WHO guidelines/protocols. Most encountered issues at Health Republic is bipolar, schizophrenia, anxiety, stress, eating disorders, gambling and anti-social personalities along with drug abuse issues. The troubling element is a surge of meth/ice usage in various age groups and both genders. This is extremely alarming. We also have in-house sample collection facility for testing, emergency room and a pharmacy.

 What steps are being taken for awareness initiatives?

We are sponsoring events in educational institutes and residential societies. We are also doing campaigns through social media, magazines and bill boards plus spreading awareness messages through distributed brochures to house holds.

What is Health Republic’s Module?

Health Republic has both out and inpatient facilities. Our patients have dedicated medical and admin staff assigned to them. Medical and admin teams are active 24 hours round the clock keeping track of minute details as this is an extremely sensitive operation. Detailed medical tests are performed on the premises. We are also registered with Punjab Health Care Commission. All SOPs are developed according to Punjab Health Care Commission’s guide lines. This government department assisted/guided us in developing our SOPs from broader to minute details.

How well trained is your staff?

We are an equal opportunity employer. Training workshops are regularly arranged where staff is taught on various subjects including SOPS, work place sexual harassment and employees rights.

How do you plan to take this project further?

This is the most advanced Pakistani rehab centre in Lahore. It’s the first unit. Further units are in the pipe line and will launch operations in Karachi, Islamabad and Multan. Having access to the highest quality psychiatric and drug detox treatment is the basic right of people.