After Hours: Humna Raza

Humna is a dentist turned blogger who discusses every day lessons on her YouTube channel

April 20, 2020

Humna is a dentist turned blogger with a huge following on social media. She not only runs her own blog but also has a YouTube channel where she discusses every day lessons. Her main aim is to spread positivity every step of the way. Read on find out all about her.

When was the first time you realised you wanted to become a blogger?

This was back in April 2016 when I started to realise and understand the power of social media. I felt that the internet was lacking certain conversations and especially had nothing around positive thinking, I decided to take to social media and use it to spread positive ideas.

Was the transition from being a full time dentist to blogger difficult?

Not for me. I absolutely enjoyed the transition. Blogging was my creative outlet in the middle of all that dental stuff. It actually helped me perform better as a dental student as well because in my free time, I was working on the blog and being productive and creative and not wasting my time. The transition was a bit odd for some people around me though but I believe we are more than just our careers and should always explore!

What is the biggest misconception of blogging?

I think people think it’s easy and wasteful. In reality it’s a lot of work. It’s a lot of learning, and skill building and it’s very rewarding. It’s a sole person brand doing its own shooting, editing, writing, holding meetings, partnerships, and of course sharing helpful knowledge with the world. And that’s what makes it rewarding.

You also run a blog with your husband, tell us a bit about it?

Yes, we started Already Grown Up for young millennial couples trying to figure out adulthood. There were too many channels about everything else but no how-to channel with a desi-pakistani context. We identified how we struggled with so many little things and thought that’s probably how it is for several others and may be as we figure life out, we can help others do it too!

What has been the most challenging project you’ve worked on?

The most challenging project had to be a month long partnership with a leading pharmaceutical in Pakistan. Even though it was an awareness campaign around PCOS for women, The content was challenging, the creative work was challenging. The legal work and documentation was overwhelming. It required me to go through trainings, monitor response for 12 hours after each post, report back, and be aggressively on top of pharmacovigilance. It’s one of the best and most challenging projects I’ve done and I absolutely loved it. Probably my favourite as well.

Describe a typical day in your life?

I am an early riser but since quarantine, it’s been a little later than normal. I make breakfast, I clean the house, I cook, and then I work pretty much all day on either my own blog, or Already Grown Up until late evening. After which I plan the next day, do some journaling and then relax with a movie or show!

What advice would you give to aspiring bloggers?

Aspiring bloggers should know that blogging is done with a purpose! Find something you’re truly passionate about, or have knowledge of so that you can share. Make sure your content adds value to the lives of people. People should follow you because of your credibility. If you don’t have a purpose, something to teach, value to add, or simply to entertain then you must wait it out till you do.

Who is your biggest inspiration and why?

My biggest inspiration has to be my mother. She’s a single woman who has single handedly achieved so much. She’s the epitome of an empowered woman.

Top three skills to possess to run a successful blog?

1. Writing skills.

2. Basic photography and editing skills.

3. Creativity.

Corona virus has (hopefully) temporarily altered our lives, how does it impact your work?

Well, it has increased my work in terms of the amount of content I constantly need to put out there because I feel all of my followers are online all the time haha. But it has definitely affected my partnerships that have incredibly slowed because of the situation. So it’s like I’m working more, but not getting paid. In all honesty though, I’m enjoying it because my followers these days are so much more responsive.

What advice and suggestions would you give to fellow bloggers during such circumstances?

To make sure that their content is either helpful or entertaining. Everyone is on their phones and they could be the source of positivity and hope in their followers’ lives. They must also make sure if they say anything Corona Virus related, it’s authentic and correct. And most importantly, whether they are talking about it or not, their work should remain sensitive towards the circumstances.

What’s next for Humna Raza?

If you asked me before COVID’19, I’d have a lot to say. But with the way things are, there is way too much uncertainty. Let’s just say that for now, all my plans are in the backseat and I’m taking it one day at a time. Trying to seize each day as it comes with a grateful heart and hope for a better future, inshAllah!


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