Pakistan's 'shame': Rape cases in 2012

Published: December 31, 2012
A year-end timeline of cases of rape and sexual assault reported by The Express Tribune this year.

A year-end timeline of cases of rape and sexual assault reported by The Express Tribune this year.

While the New Delhi gang rape case has resulted in outrage that has spilled into the streets across the border, the plight of women who have faced rape and sexual assault in Pakistan has been largely confined to formulaic articles in the press, slow-moving cases in the courts, and frequent dropped charges due to bribes, threats of further violence and family pressure on the victim to avoid further ‘shame’.

In 2012, The Express Tribune covered over 150 reports on cases of rape and their follow-ups across the country, but the actual number of incidents is likely much higher as the stigma of rape, treatment meted out by police officials and low prosecution rates makes this crime largely unreported.

While statistics are few and far between, according to a November report by the Awaz Foundation Centre for Development, as many as 2,713 cases of violence against women have been reported in 15 districts of southern Punjab since January 2012, giving some measure of the scale of the issue.

As such, the reports below can only be considered a small snapshot of the violence being wrought on the women of Pakistan.



2012: Rape cases in Pakistan reported by The Express Tribune


December 2012
1Case registered against man for ‘raping’ daughter-in-lawTariq*, a resident of Choa Saidan Shah District Chakwal, was accused of raping his 24-year-old daughter-in-law and mother of two kids.
2FIR registration: Judge directs woman to approach SHOSalim’s son Haider* raped the victim and then detained her for several days.
3Political worker accused of raping Hindu girlA 14-year-old Hindu girl, N, was raped allegedly by a local leader of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP).
4Karak murder case: Alleged murderer arrested on court premisesIbrahim is one of the accused in the murder of alleged rape victim Uzma Ayub’s brother.
5Bilawal sends flowers to rape victim, vows actionBilawal Bhutto Zardari sent a bouquet to six-year-old rape victim of Umerkot district.
6Twenty months later, rape survivor Kainat fights onSindh High Court issued warrants to arrest two of the four suspects, who were all acquitted of rape charges in May 2010.
7Heinous crime: ‘Child rapist, murderer’ arrestedAccused first raped and then strangled the girl. He left her body behind a local school and fled.
8Strange but true: Police register rape case against eight-year-oldMankera police in Bhakkar arrested him for allegedly raping two women.
9Under attack: Journalists threatened for reporting rape caseReporter received threatening calls for reporting the rape of a six-year-old girl in Meghwadh colony.
10Justice delayed: LHC asks judge to probe rape caseThe accused took her daughter to a house in Model Town, raped her and threw the girl in critical condition in front of her relatives’ house.
11Accountability: Two rapists jailed for life, finedMuhammad Afzal and Muhammad Waqas accused of kidnapping and raping man’s daughter.
12Abduction: Child left with internal injuries9-year-old son, a grade four student, was kidnapped by three men.
13Suo motu: LHC seeks report on gang rapeGang rape of a woman and her daughter in Chakwal, led by the woman’s ex-husband and her daughter’s father.
14Abuse: Five-year-old girl allegedly rapedThe girl went missing while she was playing on the street outside her house.
15Raped for seeking justiceCruelty seems to know no bounds in our country with even fewer regards given to basic human rights.
 November 2012
1Five peasant girls gang-raped for ‘demanding wages’Five peasant girls were gang raped by their employers, because the girls asked them for their wages.
2Police rape — a grave failureThe gang-rape case of a 13-year-old female child victim in Ratta Amral, Rawalpindi, spoke of the baseness of human nature.
3Kainat was denied justice but wins battle for compensationFour men kept the 13-year old Kainat in their custody for four days and subjected her to sexual assault.
4Tribal (in)justice: 9-year-old girl given in Vani to settle disputeVillage council ordered a father to hand over his nine-year-old daughter as compensation in a rape case.
5Men remanded on charges of rapeThe men have also been accused of trying to sell 11-year-old S and her 13-year-old friend into prostitution.
69-year-old girl awarded as ‘compensation’ in rape caseThe worker, Arshad, who goes by one name, was accused of involvement in the abduction and rape of landowner Ali Sher’s daughter.
7Crime: Suspected child murderer arrestedThe victim’s two children were injured in the incident, of which one of them died at a hospital.
8Police recover woman forced into prostitutionVictim said she was raped for three months by ‘clients’ as well as Iqbal. She said another pimp also raped her.
9Harrowing Journey: Kidnapped girl produced in court‘A’ said that her kidnapper repeatedly raped her and then brought her to Sohrab Machi in Ratodero, where she was sold for Rs50,000.
10Violence Against Women: 2,713 cases reported in 2012 so far304 cases of rape registered since January 2012.
11Violence against women: Three women beaten and humiliatedShah Jamal police said Rohina, not her real name, was allegedly gang-raped by four men. She told police that the men also shaved her head.
 October 2012
1Age dispute: Boy arrested for child rapeFather of the girl said that the boy was 15, but the police and the boy’s family claimed he was 10 years old.
2Child homicide: Ten months on, Anti-Terrorism Court II yet to hear caseThe girl in the morgue had been allegedly raped, strangled to death and her eyes gouged out.
3Alleged rape victim sent home from Darul AmanVictim said she was picked up near a market by three police personnel, who raped and tortured her for three days at the Mansehra City Police Station.
4Sexual exploitation: ‘Nurse lured to big city, forced into prostitution’Victim warned not to tell anyone of the incident as they had made a video of it and would upload it on YouTube if she didn’t remain quiet.
5Unidentified armed bandits: Residents panic as gang rape, looting increasesIncident of around 20 men entering three houses and raping women in Mullazai village has also been associated with the group.
 September 2012
1Cleric’s daughter stripped, paraded naked in villageThe daughter of a cleric was allegedly paraded nude in a village by young men seeking revenge for her brother’s ‘indiscretions’.
2Crime against children: Six-year-old girl critical after sexual assaultSuspects raped her and later abandoned her outside her home in an unconscious condition.
3Crime: Man held for attempted rapeSuspect was arrested in a position with his trousers down and the girl crying in his arms.
4Conflicting claims: Rape victim retracts statementWhile negating the claim she had made before the media and the judicial magistrate, she said she was not raped but was tortured physically.
5Threatened: Gang rape victim fears for her lifeWhile 20-year-old Bisma* wants to see them punished by the courts, she fears that the threats to her and her family will derail the process.
6Kidnap, sexual assault: Girl to continue testimony against suspects on MondayThe girl said she had been drugged and kidnapped from Karachi two years ago by Jano Mai.
7Violence: Man arrested for sexually assaulting minor girlMaheen* Bibi, 5, went to her paternal uncle’s house, where her first cousin Tanveer*,14, forcibly took her to a room and assaulted her.
8Lured to capital for a job, woman gang rapedAn assistant director of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and an industrialist were among the three men arrested.
9Rape, murder of niece: Rapist says actions were motivated by a fictional characterKhan said that he was reading a fictional story from an Urdu digest wherein a character used to kill his girl victims after raping them.
10Incest case: Young woman ‘raped’, tortured by fatherOn the complaint of a neighbour, the police raided Sameer’s flat and found Sajida, still in chains.
11Crime: Teenager rapes, murders minor niecePerpetrator said he first hid the girl in a cupboard but for fears of being caught, he dumped her body in a nearby stream.
12Brutal murders: Two boys found dead, rape suspectedFather accused eight men, with whom he had had a property dispute, of kidnap, rape and murder.
13Gang rape: Case registered 12 days after victim dropped off at police stationThe men took her to a house in the outskirts of the city and raped her for four days before dropping her off at the police station.
14Hindu gang rape survivor warns of suicideThe married woman was allegedly gang-raped by influential men of the Allah Rakhio Mahar village.
15Murder: Nine-year-old girl raped, killedAutopsy revealed that the girl was sexually assaulted multiple times and then killed.
16Crime and punishment: Three arrested in two sexual assault casesOne of the suspects was a minibus driver who had found the child alone in Hafizabad and offered her a ride.
17Heinous crime: Minor allegedly raped by school studentsA seven-year-old boy was allegedly raped by two students of class 9 and 10.
18In Pakistan, crimes against women increased by 7% this year57 districts reported 982 cases in May 2012.
 August 2012
1Seeking justice: FIR lodged against four accused of rapeHer family told the media that if justice is denied, S and her family will commit suicide in protest.
2Heinous crime: Minor girl rapedMaryam Bibi*, had gone to a nearby shop and was returning home when Muhammad Irfan* forcibly took her to a nearby field and raped her.
3Rape case: Kainat asks for promised compensationThe Sindh High Court has asked the Sindh government to consider paying the full compensation amount to rape survivor Kainat Soomro on humanitarian grounds.
4Teenager, five-year-old abducted, rapedGirl was kept in a room and subjected to rape for five consecutive days.
5Minor raped: Shopkeeper forces himself on girlVictim had gone to buy milk from Rajput’s shop who pushed her into an adjacent room and raped her.
6Rape case: Court issues non bailable arrest warrants for three police officersRape victim had allegedly been taken away by some policemen from her home for a DNA test.
7Criminal minds: Girl gang-raped, left to dieS had gone out to buy sweets in the Rasuh Mori area in Kotri.
8Assault on a minor: Father lodges FIR against four menThe girl was reportedly abducted by armed men and taken to an undisclosed location.
9‘Rape during police detention’: Two SHOs suspended, inquiry committee formedSophia* claimed she had been gang-raped by nine police officials of Mansehra and Kaghan for five days.
10Child abuse: Police arrest rape suspectShaukhat sexually assaulted the girl in the guestroom of his house, following which she had to be rushed to the hospital in a critical condition.
11Illegal detention: Teenaged girl allegedly gang-raped by Mansehra policeA teenager, who eloped with the boy of her dreams, ended up a rape victim after he abandoned her.
12Crime: Two men detained in child rape caseSuspect’s family was threatening father of victim with dire consequences if he did not withdraw the FIR.
13Heinous crime: Pregnant rape victim asked to deliver babyThe court has bound rape victim to give birth to the illegitimate child, whose chances of survival are slim.
 July 2012
1Sexual assault: Four men remanded to police for three daysVictim sexually assaulted for three days before the suspects abandoned her in a field near her home.
2Gender-based crime: Assault case against 6, including 3 copsVictim said she was attacked by the rape suspects and their lawyer.
3‘Panchayat raj’ and a woman stonedMaryam Bibi was cutting grass in the fields of a local landlord who forced her to submit to his sexual advances. When she refused, the landlord levelled allegations against the woman.
4Finally home: After 3-year ordeal, girl gets freedomThe accused allegedly raped her and she gave birth to a boy, who is now two years old.
5Domestic violence against women surges by 25%: Report10.88% decrease in incidents of rapes and gang rapes of women in 2011.
6Sexual assault: Three held on rape chargesBibi, a mother of four, said that the three men entered her house at night while she was asleep with her children and fled after raping her.
7Law and order: Rape victim attacked in front of courtSexual assault victim and her brother were beaten up allegedly by one of the two men accused of raping her.
8Heinous crime: Woman abducted, gang rapedThree men took the victim to some unknown place and raped her repeatedly for two days.
9Abduction: Woman ‘raped by three villagers’The woman said that seven men from the village had jumped her when she reached the village well.
10Caught, escaped, killed: Fugitive in child rape and murder case shot, killedA child rape and murder suspect was shot and killed in an encounter.
11Acid attack: Mother, son sent to jailDanish had tried to rape the victim, while she was visiting their house. When she screamed for help, he and Nasreen threw acid at her.
 June 2012
1Ratta Amral rape case: Punjab IGP, prosecutor summonedSupreme Court summoned IG Punjab, prosecutor for second time in rape case of 13-year-old. A resident of Ratta Amral had alleged that three men forcibly took his daughter to their house and raped her in March.
2Activists demand end to out-of-court rape case settlementsA domestic worker was abducted and reportedly raped by a lawyer in DHA and police pressurized the victim to take back the case. Activists demanded lawyer’s license to be revoked.
3Narowal village: Christian family pleads for justice after child rape, stillbirthsA 13-year-old Christian girl was drugged and raped by her employee and his friends on March 29. The accused tortured the family into withdrawing case. Police started siding with the accused and declared one accused innocent.
4Ratta Amral case: Scolded for laxity, Punjab police chief and prosecutor told to submit report todaySupreme Court expresses dismay over attitude of police officials in the case, “who collude with the aggressors instead of the helping the victims”.
5Combating subversion: SC asks LHC to hear gang rape case appealAn illegal jirga held in Ratta Amral reached an out-of-court settlement of a rape case. Punjab prosecutor general files appeal against the acquittal of the accused men, which is forwarded to LHC by SC.
6Five girls gang-raped by border military policeFive teenage girls reached Fort Monro hill station from Lahore for vacations. They were held captive and gang-raped by border military police.
7Barbarism: 13-year-old raped, forced to swallow acidA balloon-seller’s daughter got abducted by a shopkeeper in Bahawalpur when she went to buy some eatables. He took her to a school building to rape her.
8Fort munro incident: President orders action against ‘rapists’Interior Minister also took notice of five teenage girls being raped by border military police, sought report from Punjab chief secretary and IG Punjab.
9Fort Munro gang rape: Three border police officials surrenderTwo accused remained at large, one claimed the victims were “call girls”. Victims said they could recognize all the accused.
1045-year-old woman raped to settle loanFarid Gul from Peshawar offered relative to sleep with his 45-year-old wife to settle a loan.
11Karak rape case: Investigation team submits polygraph test resultsUzma Ayub was allegedly raped by 13 people, including three police officials in 2010. The Peshawar High Court had ordered that 17 people, including the victim, be tested after DNA tests failed to identify the culprits.
12‘Rape’: Father approaches court for ‘fair probe’Mian Ali Imran’s daughter was promised a job by a woman and was raped on April 19 when she went for the job interview. Imran said police took bribe from the suspect to declare the rape as “consensual sex” in the report.
13Fort Monroe station: Three border policemen remanded in rape casePreliminary investigations revealed victims had hidden their true identity. Husband of one victim said police investigators had beaten two girls to make them change their statements.
14Fort Munro victims’ alleged perpetrators undergo medical, DNA testsFive teenage girls reached Fort Monro hill station from Lahore for vacations. They were held captive and gang-raped by border military police.
15Child rape: DSP, SHO suspended for negligenceA class two student in Faisalabad was abducted by three teenage boys at gunpoint. They took her to a house and raped her, filming and taking pictures of her.
16Rape allegations: Factory area SHO suspendedLahore Cantt SP was directed to register FIR against SHO and four other constables for alleged rape. There were no details of the rape.
17Six-year-old ‘sexually assaulted’, murderedA 6-year-old girl found strangled to death in Jaranwala after she had gone missing a day earlier. Police registered case of murder and said rape section will be added to FIR if autopsy confirms rape.
18Uzma Ayub hearing: PHC dismisses Karak rape case, tells trial court to take overUzma Ayub said she did not want to contest the case any longer. Court said four inquiries were done but it could not reach any conclusion.
19Heinous crime: Two deaf-mute sisters gang-rapedTwo sisters taken to Naseem’s house who allegedly runs a brothel. Then they were taken to an unknown place on a rickshaw, where they were sedated and raped for two days. They were thrown semi-conscious, semi-naked on the roads later.
20Sexual assault: Four accused of raping a neighbourSaleem accuses two neighbours and two unidentified people in Bahawalpur for kidnapping and sexually assaulting him on gunpoint.
21‘Police inaction’ in rape case condemnedA 15-year-old girl was sexually assaulted for over eight months by her colleague. The colleague had promised to marry her but turned her away after learning about her pregnancy.
22Crimes against our children riseSix-year-old girl in Karachi was abducted by three men, who kept her in a windowless room, repeatedly assaulted her. They later strangled her, gouged out her eyes and dumped her body.
23Fort Munro gang rape: DNA report finds one official guiltyOne border military force official found guilty of raping Salma* – one of the five girls who were gang-raped in Fort Monro.
24WAR seminar: Research points to systemic imbalances in prosecuting rapistsWar Against Rape researchers lament that country’s law books were devoid of specific punishments for object rape, incest, digital rape necrophilia, marital rape and other forms of sexual violence.
25Kidnap-murder: Rickshaw driver confesses to killing six-year-old girlRickshaw driver Nadeem strangled a barber’s daughter in Faisalabad after raping her and then dumped the body in a field.
 May 2012
1Acid attacks: Police delays suspect’s production ‘to complete interrogation’Shazia Bibi* from Muradpur Basti accused Hussain, and his two accomplices of kidnapping her and trying to rape her. She said the three men threw acid on her and fled.
2Crime: Teenager arrested in child rape caseMedical examination confirms that a teenage boy raped a four-year-old relative when her parents were away from home.
3Siding with bad guys: Punjab police officials found guilty of negligenceInquiry report said police officials were guilty of delaying the registration of FIR in the Ratta Amral gang-rape case.
4Man, daughter attempt self-immolationAbdul Rasheed from Javed Colony said a relative Shahid and Nadeem had kidnapped his 15-year-old daughter on February 18. Girl said she was raped for 15 days.
5Vigilante justice: Man beaten up, paraded ‘for visiting woman’A woman’s relatives in Faisalabad accuse a man of trying to break into her house. Police registered rape case against the man on complaint filed by the woman’s uncle.
6Sexual assault: Family asked to back up charge with medical reportEight-year-old girl was raped by teacher at her seminary during the lunch break on March 12. The suspect had also raped four other students whose parents had earlier been reluctant to take the matter to the police.
7Heinous Crime: Stepfather assaults daughterSeven-year-old, M, was allegedly sexually assaulted by her stepfather, AS and his friends at her home when her mother was out.
8Ratta Amral rape case: Suspended DSP challenges police order in LHCDSP was earlier suspended for misuse of authority and delaying the registration of the rape case by almost one month.
9Sexual assault: Woman sent to Nishter HospitalA woman in Multan was kidnapped and raped on May 6 by unidentified men. She said she was cut by razor blades on resisting the assault.
10Police finally register rape caseGirl’s family said a hotel owner wanted illicit relations with the girl but she refused. He picked her from her home, took her away and raped her.
11Busted: Man arrested for raping daughter-in-lawR was raped by her father-in-law when she was alone at home. She informed her husband, whom she had married nine months ago, of the incident but he “tortured” her and kept her in detention.
12Three cops arrested for delaying case registrationRawalpindi police had registered a criminal case against three for one-month delay in the registration of Ratta Amral rape case.
13Swindled: Woman raped by spiritual healerZarrina Bibi, 22, resident of Chowk Taranda Mohammad Panah, said that she had visited the man to get a charm.
14No escape: Beaten, humiliated, charged with rapeResidents of Chak 662 beat a man after a woman accused him of entering her sister-in-law’s room and raping her while the men of the family were away at work.
15Forensic evidence: LHC dismisses bail plea of rape accusedRao Hanif raped his niece for five months at her house and left her pregnant.
16Samples sent for DNA testA 10-year-old girl was abducted on her way home from her school in Mohallah Nokar of Lahore and raped on May 15.
17Gang rape: Burki police yet to arrest suspectsOn May 18 Fariha* and Fauzia* of Phularwan village, Lahore were pulled into crop fields by three men, identified as Naseem Akram, Jameel Akbar and Kaka. Fariha was gang raped by the men.
18Sixth grade student allegedly raped, police seeking suspectA 13-year-old girl in Islamabad  claimed she was returning from school while a young boy with a knife threatened to kill her. He took her to a secluded place near a stream and raped her.
19Sexual slavery: SHO directed to hear woman’s complaintA woman was lured to the City Railway Station by Jahangir, Khandad, Sabir and Chanda Bibi on the pretext that they had arranged a job for her. They took her to Victoria Restaurant where they kept her hostage for a year and a half in a room, repeatedly raped by various men who would pay her captors.
20At gun point: Woman raped by brother in-lawA woman was allegedly raped by her brother-in-law on gun-point in Taranda Saway Khan when her husband was out of town.
21Grieving family accuse police of protecting landlord behind murderShumaila Parveen, 16, was stabbed to death at her home on May 18, allegedly by a landlord and his servant. They had allegedly tried to rape her before killing her.
22Follow up: Cases filed against 35 for rape and tortureA man had married a widow from his neighbourhood and moved to Jhang. The woman’s family registered an abducting case against the man and accused him of “wooing” their daughter into marrying him. They later abducted he and his wife and beat him in public.
 April 2012
1Medical exam confirms rape of childA four-year-old girl was raped and thrown in a field where she was found lying unconscious by a relative.
2Gang rape case: Of 6 suspects police manage to arrest just oneTwo girls, both students of class 9, were abducted from Jhangi Syeda and raped by six men.
3Where is one safe?: LGH clerk suspended over kidnap and rape chargesMuhammad Rizwan, a hospital clerk, abducted a 29-year-old patient with help from two accomplices and took her to a quarter on Ghazi Road in Millat Park, where she was raped.
4Rape victim downs over 40 pillsThe two ninth graders were allegedly abducted from a street while returning from school by six men. They were taken to a nearby real estate office and were raped for hours.
5Major Crimes: Gang rape, kidnapping reportedNeelum* was attacked by Sher Alam, Rashid and an unidentified. The attackers sexually assaulted her.
6Gang rape case: One girl was raped, the other was ‘only’ harassed, say policeThe rape of two schoolgirls in Islamabad took place at the hands of one boy, the main accused, while the others waited outside the room.
7Refusal To Prostitute: Woman ‘escapes rape attempt by brothers-in-law’Kausar Bibi* said her mother-in-law and brothers-in-law had been pressing her to take up sex work since her husband left for work in Karachi. Her brothers-in-law tried to sexually assault her ‘for being disobedient’.
8Gang rape allegations: Five accused of sexual assault, kidnapSaleema Bibi* had accused an Ahmedpur resident and his four accomplices of kidnapping her daughter Saima* and detaining and sexually assaulting her for 13 days.
9Heinous crime: 10 yr old girl raped, tortured to deathA 10-year-old girl, Kaniza Rukia, was found critically injured, and later succumbed to her wounds. Her doctor said her body bore numerous torture marks, and she might have been sexually assaulted.
10‘Family feud’: Girl, 15, raped by relativeA relative, along with some other people, came to Faryal’s* house when she was alone. They gave her a pack of juice and she fainted after drinking it. She was tied up and raped for two weeks.
11Sexual assault: Medical examination confirms rapeA 15-year-old girl had been sexually assaulted allegedly by a relative and his two accomplices.
12Rape: Doctor arrested after bail dismissedDr Imtiaz Ahmed raped the dispenser at his clinic in Nawankot.
13Woman stripped, paraded: Police take notice after road-blockShazia* was stripped and paraded through the streets by one suspect and his accomplices over resistance to landlord Ghulam Ahmed’s* bid to rape her.
14No arrests: Woman raped, burnt with cigarettesNaveed* along with a friend, entered Mavra’s* house, gagged her and tied her. She repeatedly burnt her with cigarette butts and raped and beat her.
15Karak Rape Case: Court orders lie detector tests for victim, accusedDNA tests failed to ascertain the parentage of Uzma Ayub’s baby girl.
16Treating a headache: Woman raped by ‘healer’Hameeda Bibi,* resident of Mohallah Ghafoorabad, was raped at Peer Bawa Hayat Shah’s abode. Shah had locked the room and first chanted some stuff to ‘cure the headache’ but then harassed her with a gun and he and one Mudassir had raped her.
17PHC grants bail to accused killers of Uzma Ayub’s brotherRape victim Uzma Ayub’s brother Alamzeb Khattak was shot dead on December 9, 2011, while escorting Uzma for a hearing for her rape case at Karak courts.
18Dismissed: Three accused of rape releasedTwo rape victims said an arrested man and two women were not to be blamed for the rape and a misunderstanding had resulted in registration of the case.
19Busted: Teenager arrested for rapeIrfan Dayo, 16, sexually assaulted four-year-old Shazia in Nazar Mohalla. Shazia was while she was playing outside her house.
20Cases settled: Three released from rape and murder casesAllah Rakhi said her daughter had gone to Arshad’s shop to buy some goods on October 12, 2011, but did not return. She went looking for her daughter and some children told her that she was being held in the shop where she was allegedly raped.
21Child abuse: Boy assaulted by neighborMohammad Hussain said that his eight-year-old son was abducted by a neighbour and raped at gunpoint.
22Uzma Ayub case: Family to move apex court in murder casePeshawar High Court’s (PHC) had passed verdict to bail out four men who were accused of murdering Uzma’s brother Alamzeb Khattak.
 March 2012
1Acquaintance rape: Probe initiated into kidnap-assault-detention chargesShazia Bibi* said she had escaped the house where Arshad and his two accomplices detained her. She said she had been allegedly sexually assaulted and tortured for three days.
2Search Operation: Police on the hunt for alleged rapistFive men tried to rape Naheed Channa, 35, but when they couldn’t they attacked her with a knife.
3When will justice be served?So far, the police have not been able to catch a single culprit, or even ascertain if the rape-murders were carried out by the same perpetrators.
4Rape survivor tells incensed court police favouring accused for law minister tiesRape survivor S* informed the court that police had detained Mushtaq, the sole witness of the rape, and tortured him for three days.
5Sexual assault: Child raped ‘by neighbour’A 10-year-old deaf-and-dumb girl was alone at her home when her neighbour broke in and sexually assaulted her.
6Eve of Women’s Day: Policeman, aide rape 14-year-old girlA 14-year-old girl was raped at gunpoint by a police constable and another man, while her grandparents were tied and gagged in another room of their house.
7Karak rape case: Six accused approach court seeking bailThirteen men had allegedly abducted Uzma Ayub and kept her in detention for 13 months.
8Attempted rape: Six-year-old girl found unconsciousA 12-year-old boy, Ameer Mallah, allegedly tried to rape his six-year-old cousin.
9Supreme Court: Faisalabad CPO reprimanded for failing to arrest suspectSaima Mukhtar* said Asghar Ali called her to his office for a job interview but he and four other people had raped her.
10Uzma Ayub case: Witness in rape case to undergo DNA testUzma Ayub’s brother said DNA test of main eyewitness Jamal was a plot to trap him.
11Gilgit Gang Rape: Three men remanded in police custodyThree men were accused of gang-raping two sisters who had reportedly run away from their home.
12Minor girl sexually assaulted in Haripur
13Injury and insult: Worker accused of rape over minimum wage demandShabana*, five, had gone to buy groceries from a store in the neighbourhood, where she was assaulted by the shopkeeper’s son.
14Karak rape case: Six suspects test negativeAlleged rape victim Uzma Ayub had accused 13 people, including three police officials and an army official, of raping her after she was abducted and kept in custody for 13 months.
15Supreme Court continues with police lamentThe court was hearing three cases jointly – one a petition for the recovery of a maid abducted from Lahore, the second concerning a murder during an incident of illegal dispossession, and the third concerning the arrest of the alleged ring leader in a gang rape case who is said to be a friend of Law Minister Rana Sanaullah.
16Sexual assault: Blind woman raped35-year-old Khanim Bibi* was kidnapped on her way home in Ahmedpur village and raped allegedly by Muhammad Ameer.
17Bartering women: Apex court declares ‘jirgas’ unconstitutionalThe apex court expressed concern over lack of convictions in cases of acid crimes and a recent rape incident in Shiekhupura.
18Rule of law: 3 policemen arrested for biased investigationThe victim had told the court that despite several requests the police did not registered an FIR.
19Heinous Crime: 4 arrested for raping disabled womanA 22-year-old physically disabled woman said she was kidnapped from her house by four men who took her to a vacant house. She was raped by Sarfaraz, while his accomplices Latif Gujjar, Aslam Rath and Riaz Arain watched the house.
20Woman climbs pole to protest alleged rape22-year-old Neha claimed she was raped by spiritual healer Ashraf on January 15. She had gone to the peer after having an argument with her husband.
21Rape case: SC displeased with police report in Sonia Naz caseThe CJ was astonished that former Superintendent of Police (SP) Faisalabad Ahmed Raza Tahir, against whom substantial evidence was provided, was posted as Regional Police Officer (RPO) Lahore.
 February 2012
1Smooth ascend: On average, three children assaulted every dayA report by NGO Sahil said a total of 4,846 attackers abused 2,303 children in 2011. The total number of sexual abuse cases in 2011, stood at a staggering 2,303.
2Assault, homicide: Neighbour arrested for child’s rape, murderA 12-year-old boy sexually assaulted and killed. In another incident, mutilated body of a woman found in a field who was apparently sexually assaulted and murdered.
3Vulnerable: Rape and harassment lead to attempted suicidesA 25-year-old woman was alone at home, when two men from the same locality broke into the house and raped her. When news of her rape spread and people taunted her, she consumed poison.
4Gang rape victim: Strengthening resolve to seek justice in KarakRape victim Uzma Ayub vowed to fight for justice till she breathes her last.
5Karak rape case: Uzma Ayub’s new-born baby girl hospitalisedRape victim Uzma Ayub gave birth to a baby girl Zeba on January 20 who became a key evidence in the rape case.
6Karak rape case: Victim’s last hope hangs by a threadUzma Ayub’s baby, a key evidence in the rape case, was hospitalised in a critical condition.
7Karak Rape Case: Journalists offer their side of the storyUzma Ayub’s daughter Zeba went missing from the hospital soon after she was born, but was later found.
8Alarming figures: 12 women killed, two raped in Hazara division this yearTwo married women were gang-raped in Haripur, while two women, including a teenage girl, attempted suicide.
9Gang rape: Six men sentenced to death in seven-year-old caseSuspects kidnapped Razia* and sexually assaulted for to avenge the alleged kidnapping of a suspect’s daughter by a friend of Razia’s father.
10Child kidnapped, badly hurt in rape attemptA five-year-old child was hospitalised with a severe head injury and several cuts he suffered in an assault allegedly by two men who were attempting to rape him.
11Abuse of power: Teenaged school girl accuses a police official of rapeThe sub-inspector of the Rescue 15 police has been accused of assaulting a 15-year-old schoolgirl after harassing and blackmailing her.
12Nick of time: Man held for attempting to rape 11-year-old girlAn 11-year-old girl’s shrieking and crying for help saved her from attempted rape at the hands of a family acquaintance, a 22-year-old single man living in the same street as her.
13Karak rape case: PHC dissatisfied with judicial inquiryThe Peshawar High Court (PHC) expressed dissatisfaction with the inquiry report on how Uzma Ayub’s baby was handed over to an NGO.
14Sexual slavery: ‘Cancel bail of rape, abduction perpetrators’A woman moved a bail-cancellation plea for five people who she says kidnapped her, raped her repeatedly for two years, broke her knees and rendered her unable to walk.
15Journalistic ethics: How the media traumatises rape victimsUzma Ayub has been hounded by journalists from her house to her hospital bed, narrating her experiences of abduction and gang-rape to reporters and millions of viewers across the globe – again and again.
16‘Moro scandal’: Woman constable alleges DSP attempted to rape herDSP Alan Khan Abbasi said Police head constable Hamida Bhan was “corrupt” and ran a brothel in the police station.
17Karak rape case: DNA samples of six accused takenSuspects who were named by Uzma Ayub, the rape victim, were brought to the Khyber Medical Centre where their blood samples were taken.
18Karak Rape Case: Court rejects bail pleas of accusedThe four persons were arrested when Zafran, Uzma’s other brother, registered a complaint with the police, accusing the officials and Ibrahim Shah, the ASI’s brother, of killing Alamzeb on court premises.
19Raped and murdered: Body of five-year-old found in empty plotThe girl, ‘S’, was kidnapped outside her house in Muslimabad when she went to buy candy from a nearby store.
20Child sexual abuse: For some children, home is the most dangerous placeVictims, age no bound, are left physically, psychologically and socially scarred. They suffer from deep depression, anxiety, and often lose their trust and confidence in everyone.
21Sexual assault: Rapist sentenced to five yearsMuhammad Khurram visited the house when the homeowner was away and added sedatives to their milk. He then raped the 16-year-old daughter after the family lost consciousness.
 January 2012
1Heinous crime: Man arrested for kidnapping child, assaultTwo man sexually assaulted an 11-year-old child after kidnapping her from near her house.
2Fighting intimidation: Raped and robbed, victim appeals for justiceNazia*, 25, was asleep with her two minor children when two persons entered her room after scaling the boundary wall. They held her at gunpoint, looted Rs1,80,000 cash and raped her.
3Two girls abducted, gang rapedSaima*, 18, was gang raped after being abducted at gun point. Four people kidnapped Farah* when she was carrying cattle feed from her house.
4Karak rape case: Victim gives birth to baby girlAn inquiry committee was formed to investigate the rape case after victim Uzma Ayub said she was pregnant.
5Karak rape case: Stolen baby reunited with motherUzma Ayub accused NGO of taking her baby away without her permission, shortly after she was born at Hayatabad Medical Complex
6Karak rape case: Accused sent on five-day judicial remandNasibullah, who was serving in Air Defence in the Pakistan Army, had escaped from the area after the FIR nominated him.
7Kidnapping & murder: 7-year-old abducted, ‘raped’, murdered by neighboursAsiya, 7, was allegedly abducted by her neighbor Salman along with his accomplice Abid Husainand was killed due to non-payment of ransom.
8Cover up?: Court orders registration of case against seven policemenRukhsana Bibi alleged that policemen entered her house and tried to rape her daughter, Samina*. When the girl resisted, the two sub-inspectors slit her throat.


Reader Comments (24)

  • Sam
    Dec 31, 2012 - 3:27PM

    All I can say is “shame” on us Pakistanis.


  • Tch tch
    Dec 31, 2012 - 3:54PM

    CONGRATS ET for discovering rapes do happen in Pakistan.Instead using a Google search on your archive and actual article with substance would have been more useful.


  • R.A
    Dec 31, 2012 - 4:02PM

    There is long list of people who
    we can blame for this
    Top of the list are THE CLERGIES
    It is their duty to teach the true
    values of Islamic teachings but
    I am afraid they are too busy in politics


  • Dec 31, 2012 - 4:03PM

    rape is rape
    it is a sin and crime
    no justification


  • GrimmJow
    Dec 31, 2012 - 4:08PM

    Well, I think like the Indians are doing, even the Pakistanis should come out on streets with mass protests & force some action out of the Government.

    The protests in India have certainly worked in terms of awareness that the people now are really fed-up of all this & are not going to tolerate it anymore.


  • ayesha
    Dec 31, 2012 - 4:11PM

    Great compilation work J and Ema. This can be used as a very imp document by researchers.


  • Analytic Spree
    Dec 31, 2012 - 5:20PM

    though the numbers are shameful and by no means to be taken not serioulsy, but one need to analyze the causes correctly and whether these to be reflected as a top headline in a globally read newspaper.
    We beleive its lack of education that is leading the way or it is the feudal attire that is hurting the exploitation of women rights. however the reality is different.
    Quoting from Wikipedia, Nearly 90,000 people reported being raped in the United States in 2008. The U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics states that 91% of rape victims are female and 9% are male, and 99% of rapists are male.
    what one can make from these? the number represent noted civilized nation and are much more higher than the one reported for the most densly populated, illeterate, under-developed and corrupt rated country.
    But does the CNN or any top-rated global US newspaper shared it globally? the answer is NO.. why because they dont want to defame their american dream and we as always never give away any possibility.
    alas now Nationalism is a true rarity.


  • KKK
    Dec 31, 2012 - 6:24PM

    Nothing turns out to be so oppressive and unjust as a feeble Judiciary!!Recommend

  • ahmad
    Dec 31, 2012 - 6:58PM

    instead of facing and curing the disease u r ashamed tell me one thing which country of the world is where rape is is only pakistan ?Recommend

  • Nasir
    Dec 31, 2012 - 7:38PM

    @ahmad: Did you know pakistan tops the list for most internet searches related to sex?….this has been the case for the last 3 years …please google it and research it yourself. My point is we pretend to be good muslims when we are not…we export terrorism …we like denying our own citizens their rights…we like blaming the rest of the world for our problems….we like voting for criminals…and most we love corruption….WE NEED TO CHANGE


  • jameel
    Dec 31, 2012 - 10:19PM

    They are seeing beyond the clothes by their filthy eyes. Even the girl/women covered by veil or an iron plate.

    How far we have come all over these years. shame on all of us. Recommend

  • Apeiros
    Jan 1, 2013 - 3:54AM

    @Analytic Spree:
    Stop hiding in a hole, its not about defamation…it is cowardly to say we shud not highlight it…it is a problem so it shud he highlighted.. if the americans dont do it doesnt mean we shouldnt..stop using escapist logic to everything…ites not a pr campaign that eT is running..its news and analysis..


  • HUM
    Jan 1, 2013 - 12:37PM

    @Analytic Spree:
    Not so analytic after all. The newspapers do not highlight rape victims in USA because they have a system in place which, while being imperfect does actually work and tries to compensate the victim. In our land of the pure, police will only register case if media raises hue and cry over the issue. Otherwise the case will not be registered and if it does get registered by mistake, it will be the victim who will be locked up on basis of hudood ordinance. So it has nothing to do with nationalism and if your nationalism forces you to look the other way then it isn’t nationalism but a crime in itself. You develop a system that works then the cases will become a non-issue but as long as we don;t develop such system these cases will be reported and they should be. Furthermore the statistics of US are dependable while i am sure most cases here go unreported due to family honor. So please do not compare apples with oranges


  • Clear Black Bag
    Jan 1, 2013 - 1:05PM

    “Why Pakistan’s shame only whereas according to the fresh survey report in the US in every single minute 2 women are raped……….”These figures are disclosed in a program,by an American psychologist,named “Sana Ek Pakistani” played on “Express News”….


  • Analytic Spree
    Jan 1, 2013 - 3:54PM

    Let the message be understood with clarity… there is no denial in the intensity of the brutal act rather is it the way the same is reported. if you have been outside you would agree that most of the coloneal news is never sent to the globally watched media but these are equally reported in the local news station/radio. why because they donot want to defame the country that it is why they dont make the act a state representation and on the same time circulate it locally as awareness is important.

    there are other better things that took place in Pakistan in 2012 but what we came up with is SAD to say the least. it is bcoz of these reports, ppl outside beleive that Pakistan is the worst place to live in. do you really agree with them?Is this the truth?

    The act and its dire consequences on human behavior are the same so am not comparing apples with oranges; secondly the number highlighted in the US has the same count analogy “Reported”. and remember these are 2008 statistics and were four years ago 900 times more.

    this is not escapist logic; am not denying the cruelty of the incident am reflecting to you the bigger picture.. ppl outside dont recognize us they know Pakistan and such news defame it.


  • Asma
    Jan 4, 2013 - 12:34PM

    we export terrorism
    Oh, I thought we are the victims. More Pakistanis are killed than anyone in terrorist attacks. Are you Indian or something?


  • Naresh
    Jan 4, 2013 - 8:37PM

    @Asma :
    You stated Oh, I thought we are the victims. More Pakistanis are killed than anyone in terrorist attacks. Are you Indian or something?
    Pakistan based Terrorists, but termed Non-State Actors by the Pakistani Authorities, are slaughtering Indians and it is a fact that these Terorists are not Indians “but Pakistanis”.
    The same Pakistani Terrorist, but termed Non-State Actors by the Pakistani Authorities, are slaughtering Pakistanis and again it is a fact that these Terorists are not Indians “but Pakistanis”.
    Herein lies the Difference.
    Vive la différence


  • Jan 5, 2013 - 12:13AM

    what this lengthy A/c means,to avert attention of the international community from the gang rape and murder of medical student in India?All such evils around the world are condemn-able.


  • Jessica
    Jan 5, 2013 - 10:31AM

    A good thing to do.

    Here’s one you missed
    PAKISTAN: Police protect perpetrators who poisoned a young man after sexually assaulting him


  • h
    Jan 5, 2013 - 2:15PM

    @Analytic Spree — so you’re saying that acts like this should not be reported because they bring Pakistan shame? that IS an escapist way of thinking. We SHOULD be ashamed of what is happening in our country and our own inability to prevent it. You think it’s fair for the victims of these crimes to be silenced just because it shows our broken country in a bad light? Face reality. Pakistan is a broken country, and thinking like this, turning a blind eye to our problems and saying that “good things should be reported as well” is not giving these problems the attention they deserve. Also, there is a difference between reported and un-reported rape. Yes, US rape figures are high because they are reported. But in Pakistan, many rape cases go unreported because of the whole “shame” that the victim is pressured into feeling (even though it’s the rapist who should be subject to that) and the facts that the victim gets no justice or the victim herself/himself is harassed. So yeah, the US/Pakistan comparison is apples and oranges.


  • Appalled
    Jan 6, 2013 - 2:05AM

    Who cares what the figures are anywhere else in the world? So what if other countries have it worse, or just as bad? This is happening HERE. In Pakistan. Where we live.. and THAT is what we should be concerned about. Just because x amount of women get raped in the US doesn’t make it ‘ok’ for a lesser number of women to be raped in Pakistan!!

    Whether it’s 10000 women or even 1, rape is NEVER ok and not to be taken lightly.

    A society that sits back and lets it happen can take partial blame for this. Where is the justice? There are open cases of rape accusations against our POLICE; that alone makes me want to crawl into a bubble and pretend it doesn’t happen… until it happens to me or someone I love.

    Wake up people. Because if you don’t stand up now for those who have been through it, there will be no one to stand up for you or your loved ones if it happens to you/them.

    May all the survivors of this awful crime learn to live again. May all the perpetrators suffer and pay for their crimes.


  • Phyllis
    Jan 6, 2013 - 3:17PM

    One word: CASTRATION


  • Disgusted
    Jan 7, 2013 - 3:24AM

    Yep, you got it. Lets start with castration and may be we can throw in a long jail time but instead of castration perform SRS. This way these animals will be raped by fellow inmates every day.

    SRS is sex reassignment surgery


  • Jan 10, 2013 - 4:47PM

    Disgusting statistics. I really applaud Tribune for not putting up just one news item, but also following up the cases (some of them). Our media (in particular) and world media (in general) sensationalize such news items but it is good to see some responsible journalism. Keep it up guys and gals!