Two girls abducted, gang raped

Published: January 19, 2012
Reports have been lodged against the accused.

Reports have been lodged against the accused.

BAHAWALPUR: The night of Tuesday, January 17 was nothing short of hell for two girls in Bahawalpur after they were abducted and raped.

Saima*, 18, a resident of Chak No 10BC near Bahawalpur, was gang raped after being abducted at gun point on Monday night, her father Adnan Malik* said.

According to details Malik gave to the Baghdad Police station, his daughter was standing outside his house when Zia and Kareem approached her in a car. They then forcefully abducted his daughter and fled the scene.

Malik said that he searched for his daughter everywhere but was unsuccessful. He further said that on Tuesday morning both of the accused dropped Saima at his door step in an unconscious state and fled. Malik brought Saima back into his house. When she came to her senses, she narrated the entire story.

Saima said that after abducting her, the accused shifted her to an unknown place where they, one after another, raped her several times during the night.

The investigation officer assigned to the case, Iqbal, told The Express Tribune that the doctors who examined Saima, confirmed she had been raped. They will submit a report after chemical examination of the DNA samples, which had been sent to the Multan Lab. He added that the FIR No 35/12-365 against Zia and Kareem and that the police was searching for them. They are still at large.

13 year old gang raped

Four people kidnapped Farah* when she was carrying cattle feed from her house in Moza Jalalpur to the nearby fields.

Fareed, Ijaz, Ahmed and two unknown men were kidnapped her on gunpoint, shifted her to an unknown place and raped her.

Ahmed Hussain*, Farah’s father told The Express Tribune that his daughter narrated the story after she returned home. He said that he had filed a report at the Saddar Police Station in Rahim Yar Khan on Monday about this incident.

Police officials at station said that a case had been lodged against four men. Meanwhile, DNA samples have been sent to the lab. Doctors, after an initial examination said it was unclear whether a rape had taken place or not.

The accused were still at large.

*Names have been changed to protect identites.

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