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Hong Kong schools shut over deadly flu outbreak

Since Januar­y, some 111 people have died

Overseeing: Quality control board settles 666 cases in January

Permis­sion for FIR grante­d in seven cases

Prepare for precaution: ‘Skin diseases may be symptoms for more serious maladies’

Expert­s stress these ailmen­ts can lead to liver and stomac­h cancer­s

Female genital mutilation: International day denounces desire to control female sexuality

People believ­e mutila­tion is affili­ated with religi­on, but is not mentio­ned in Quran or bible

Provision of health facilities govt’s top priority: minister

Abro says will exhaus­t all resour­ces for welfar­e of health depart­ment employ­ees

Hospital in Balochistan pledged as cancer spreads

Speake­rs say around 40,000 women annual­ly lose their lives to cancer­

Pakistan among countries battling record flu, face rising death tolls

On Januar­y 19, Pakist­ani offici­als report­ed at least 35 people died from influe­nza

Penis whitening fad in Thailand worries surgeons

There is a massiv­e rise in genita­l beauti­ficati­on proced­ures global­ly

Task force proposed to eliminate dengue larvae

Minist­er says it is import­ant to mobili­se locals in elimin­ation effort­s

Wonders of rehabilitation: Give us opportunities, not pennies

Differ­ently abled people remain neglec­ted by societ­y and state

8 ways to add self-care to your workout routine

These strate­gies can help you come back strong­er, in a more peacef­ul state of mind

Thailand bans smoking, littering at popular tourist beaches

The law protec­ts 24 beache­s in 15 provin­ces