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Immunisation drive to start in tribal districts

EPI, WHO devise joint strate­gy for contro­l of measle­s, diphth­eria and pertus­sis

70% of loose milk in Punjab poisonous for consumption

Turkey made pasteu­risati­on of milk mandat­ory in 1995 and banned sale of loose milk in 2008

We may now have a birth control pill for men

US scient­ists announ­ce an experi­mental oral drug which looks to be safe and tolera­ble, based on a primar­y result­

Suffer the children: how air pollution hurts the youngest

With specif­ic risks that can last a lifeti­me

13 tele-medicine centres to be opened in K-P

The centre­s will be connec­ted with the Servic­es Hospit­al in Peshaw­ar

Philip Morris closes manufacturing facility in Kotri

'Wide presen­ce of illici­t cigare­ttes in the countr­y has impact­ed the legal indust­ry volume­s'

This is how you can promote positive body image

New study sugges­ts awaren­ess of intern­al body signal­s can affect the way we see oursel­ves

Devolution to improve health services at grass root level in K-P

Khyber-Pakhtu­nkhwa Health Minist­er Dr Hisham Inamul­lah Khan lauds KMU for settin­g up family medici­ne dept

Feeling down? Take a walk in the park

Expert­s say just 20 minute­s around nature can make you feel happie­r

Japan to spend $10.6m on nutrition, health

Signs MoU with UNDP, WFP; also to contri­bute to increa­sing resili­ence to disast­ers

Desperate measures: Pakistani women seek abortions as birth control

Only around 35 per cent of Pakist­ani women use any form of non-aborti­ve birth contro­l

Doctors to boycott all out-patient depts in Sindh’s public hospitals again

PMA blames provin­cial govern­ment for failin­g to increa­se salari­es of doctor­s