Coffee: An instant energy booster for your summer workouts

Discover why pre-workout coffee may help kick start your fitness goals

June 16, 2021
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With lockdown restrictions being lifted amid the declining cases of the Covid-19 pandemic nationwide, Pakistanis have begun to rejoice the hope of a relatively normal life. Whether you’re anticipating your office, university, or any other activity to reopen, you may want to look your best.

Even if the time is less, there’s no need to rush to a supplement store for expensive pills or packed powders, you can fire up the coffee pot instead. Confused? Hear us out.

Studies reveal that enjoying a hot cup of coffee before your workout may enhance athletic performance, without the adverse effects associated with unregulated supplements. Reason being, coffee is a proven, healthier, and safer alternative as it contains caffeine – a natural stimulant.

Let’s quickly learn why black coffee has become a popular pre-workout drink for all health aficionados looking to get optimised results.


Coffee burns excessive fat

Drinking coffee, without sugar or cream, in the morning essentially leads to fewer calorie consumption throughout the day. This is because caffeine suppresses appetite and also significantly improves fat oxidation as a result of increased metabolic rate for up to a few hours.

Coffee boosts energy ๐Ÿ’ช

Once coffee kicks in, it enters the bloodstream and our body responds in plenty of magical ways, such as an increased heart rate, breaking of fat stores and release of beneficial fatty acids. The result? The coffee lover feeling energetic and ready for a great workout!


Coffee enhances athletic performance ๐Ÿƒ

When consumed in moderate doses, caffeine in coffee enhances performance ability, which allows athletes to train longer and with greater power output. In fact, research reveals that coffee also helped improve resistance to fatigue and endurance levels.

Coffee promotes better concentration

Caffeine is a natural stimulant associated with improved brain function and concentration. A study concluded that coffee also helps reduce the progression of age-related mental decline. Coffee enables athletes to focus on intense fitness training sessions while helping them sustain high levels of exercise intensity.


Coffee reduces muscle pain โœ”๏ธ

A study involving women revealed that drinking coffee significantly reduces post-workout muscle soreness. Another research concluded that caffeine-consuming males reported reduced muscle soreness and shortened recovery times post workout as compared to the placebo group.


From speeding fat burn, to enhancing athletic performance, disease prevention, and reducing risk of certain cancers, coffee has numerous benefits that go way beyond boosting energy. Therefore, grab a cup of of aromatic HOT COFFEE to amp up your workout today!!









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