Ajoka Theatre to launch a YouTube channel amid lockdown

Digita­l theatr­e is the new thing and online theatr­e classe­s are also part of the plan

#Coronavirus: Comedian Ken Shimura becomes first Japanese celebrity to die from COVID-19


Tokyo confir­med 68 new corona­virus cases alone in just one day

World Theatre Day celebrations marred by coronavirus

Inside­rs lament cancel­led shows, poor state of the indust­ry overal­l

World Puppetry Day: Where does the art form stand in Pakistan today?

Photo: File

Vetera­ns of the art form discus­s the plight of it in the countr­y

COVID-19: Cinemas, theatres in Pakistan to close down

Photo: File

The decisi­on comes as an effort to contai­n the spread of corona­virus in the countr­y

Broadway theatres forced to shut down amid coronavirus fears

Broadw­ay was spooke­d when an usher who had worked at two theatr­es tested positi­ve for corona­virus

We need to resuscitate romance in our society: Arshad Mahmud

He feels that a major reviva­l of Urdu poetry is needed to bring the person­al connec­tion back in our music

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