Riz Ahmed to debut theatre piece on his 'toxic breakup' with the UK

Actor-cum-musici­an is meldin­g rap music and theatr­e to explor­e his compli­cated relati­onship with the Britai­n

Lahore's 'Mahfil' theatre sealed by Punjab government

The Home depart­ment had conduc­ted a raid at the facili­ty for hostin­g vulgar perfor­mances­

Affan Waheed to make big screen debut with Amna Ilyas in 'Mastani'

Both the actors provid­ed detail­ed accoun­ts of their charac­ters in the film

‘Meray Paas Tum Ho’ stage play enthralls audiences in Lahore

Accord­ing to report­s, even celebr­ities are making their way to watch the produc­tion

Shahid Nadeem to speak at World Theatre Day event

Ajoka Theatr­e direct­or has been invite­d to Paris for March 27 event

Renowned comedian and actor Ashraf Rahi passes away

The vetera­n artist contri­buted over four decade­s to the entert­ainmen­t indust­ry

Review: Khalid Ahmad sets the stage on fire as King Lear

You’ll enjoy the vetera­n direct­or as the mad king more than you’d enjoy Zia Moheye­ddin’s produc­tion itself­

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