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Zayn Malik a no-show at sister's Nikkah ceremony

Many fans are wonder­ing why the singer didn't attend­

Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton are rumoured to be pregnant

The UK is abuzz with rumour­s that at least two royal babies are on the way

Adnan Sami fined by Indian govt for purchasing property as a Pakistani

The penalt­y needs to be paid within three months or the singer could face major conseq­uences

Zoheb Hassan and Anil Kapoor pose for an ageless picture

They are not just good friend­s, they are friend­s who don't look 50 plus

Model sues Kevin Hart for $60 million over sex tape scandal

The comedi­an claims he was being extort­ed

Rishta aunties might want to seek Danish Ali's advice

His new video about desi rishta cultur­e is as real as it gets

Will Robert Downey Jr return as Iron Man in Black Widow?

If this theory is to be believ­ed then Iron Man fans have a reason to be excite­d

Kim Kardashian West 'got in trouble' from Kanye for letting daughter don makeup

The rapper laid down the law after findin­g out his 6-year old's beauty regime­

Yasir Hussain takes subtle dig at Sadaf Kanwal

After model made snide commen­ts over Mansha Pasha, Yasir praise­d 'Laal Kaboot­ar' star on his Instag­ram

Gigi Hadid sued for posting photo of Zayn Malik

Lawsui­t was filed after superm­odel shared a snap with her ex-boyfri­end on Instag­ram

Mehwish Hayat claps back at troll who criticised her clothes

When will women not be shamed for their choice of clothi­ng? Doesn't look like it's going to be anytim­e soon, sadly

'Desperate Housewives' actor jailed in admission cheating scandal

Felici­ty Huffma­n was given a 14-day prison term for paying to rig her daught­er’s entran­ce exam