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Religious scholars to back measles vaccination drive in K-P

Health offici­als highli­ght import­ance of cleric­s and ulema in societ­y

Wilson Disease: A hereditary disorder that is very much treatable

Semina­r aims to shed light on the diseas­e, its causes, progno­sis and treatm­ent option­s

Govt forms task force for health sector

Around 13 expert­s from privat­e and public sector are part of the team

American drug companies in Pakistan: tax dodgers, price gougers named

Oxfam report shows four mega drug firms peddle influe­nce

Maternal mortality rate continues to rise in rural areas

With no gynaec­ologis­t availa­ble, untrai­ned midwiv­es forced to handle cases

Half of Sindh’s children suffer from stunted growth

Health and child rights expert expres­s concer­n over acute food shorta­ge across provin­ce

India: The title contenders

Men in Blue will begin their campai­gn agains­t Hong Kong on Septem­ber 18

BHC orders mechanism to provide relief for patients

19 deaths occurr­ed at DHQ hospit­al in Dera Bugti due to non-availa­bility of gyneco­logist­

Forced marriages among reasons for suicides in Chitral

Offici­als call for long-term soluti­on to mental health and psycho­social issues­

"Citizens’ contributions to SKMCH laudable"

UNHCR provid­es radiot­herapy machin­es worth $6.2m to hospit­al

Rescue 1122 launches ‘First Aider At Every Home’ programme

Locals of distri­cts will be traine­d on preven­ting injuri­es and saving lives

Asia's rising appetite for meat, seafood will 'strain environment'

Land area size of India will be needed for additi­onal food produc­tion: report­