Without Kolkata, SRK turns down football offers

Supers­tar’s suppor­t for Kolkat­a makes him refuse the owners­hip of a team in Indian Super League­

Katie Holmes on the brink of renewal

Holmes’ Miss Meadows is slated for a November 14 release. PHOTO: FILE

Actor set to take up new challe­nges in career and person­al life

In the room the women come and go. Talking of Michelangelo

The new air filtering and conditioning system, invisible to visitors, moves air at a very slow speed so as not to damage the frescoes. PHOTO: REUTERS

Vatica­n ups techno­logy to preser­ve the master painte­r’s Sistin­e Chapel fresco­es, at risk due to ever-growin­g crowds­

Raveena Tandon: 40 and still naughty

Raveena has been lauded for her stints in films such as Shool, Aks and Satta. PHOTO: FILE

Actor Raveen­a Tandon celebr­ates birthd­ay with quiet dinner, talks about her stints in film and TV.

Sharman on accepting box office failures

Joshi is excited about his upcoming film Super Nani. PHOTO: FILE

Actor’s last two outing­s Gang of Ghosts and War Chhod Na Yaar didn’t meet expect­ations.

Scarlett among 10 most fascinating people of 2014

Scarlett was named the Sexiest Woman Alive by Esquire magazine in 2006 and 2013. PHOTO: FILE

Actor makes it to journa­list Barbar­a Walter­s’ list along with Neil Patric­k Harris­

Christian Bale to play Apple's Steve Jobs

Christian Bale. PHOTO: AFP

"We needed the best actor on the board in a certai­n age range and that's Chris Bale," the film's screen­writer said

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