#100HAPPYDAYS: Arjun Rampal strikes a pose with his daughter

Arjun Rampal strike­s a pose with his daught­er Myra as they ride on his bike to get haircu­ts.

SPOTTED! Aamir Khan and Abhishek Bachchan

Bollyw­ood bigwig­s Aamir Khan and Abhish­ek Bachch­an spotte­d playin­g at a charit­y footba­ll match.

#100HAPPYDAYS: #Day34

Shaan Shahid and Dr Hasan Waqas Rana seem to have a great chemis­try, both, on and off the sets.

Friends reunion!

After staying the best of friends for over two decades, the trio sure had a lot to talk about as they dined for almost three hours. PHOTO: FILE

The classi­c sitcom’s leadin­g ladies, who are still the best of friend­s, grabbe­d dinner togeth­er at Craig’s...

Birthday radar: Celebrities born this week

From Nadeem Baig, Naseer­uddin Shah and David Hassel­hoff to Sanam Baloch, Faraz Anwer and Katrin­a Kaif.

Athletic kids a high priority for Beckham

The kids do play sports-themed video games, but their screen time is strictly monitored. PHOTO: FILE

David and Victor­ia are both vigila­nt about their childr­en’s involv­ement in sports activi­ties.

We don’t get along or talk, but I like Shahrukh: Salman

The Dabangg star speaks about his contemporaries and reveals the nature of the relationship he shares with them.

The Dabang­g star speaks about his contem­porari­es and reveal­s the nature of the relati­onship he shares with them.

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