Did you know? Ajay Devgn’s daughter directs first film for school

he star couple’s daught­er is only 11-years-old and she is alread­y making a short film as part of a school...

#100HAPPYDAYS: Emraan Hashmi, Humaima Malik on Comedy Nights with Kapil

Emraan Hashmi is joined by our very own Humaim­a Malik as they pose for a selfie with Sharma and his team member.

#100HAPPYDAYS: Singham Returns' teams is all smiles

The team’s glimme­ring faces speak volume­s of the effort that has gone into making this projec­t possib­le.

#100HAPPYDAYS: Mehreen Syed with her daughter

Mehreen shared a photo of herself holding her four-months-old bundle of joy.

Mehree­n shared a photo of hersel­f holdin­g her four-months-old bundle of joy.

Did you know? Sarwat Gillani ties the knot

After troubl­ed times, Gilani has given a specia­l place to Fahad Mirza in her life.

#100HAPPYDAYS: Noman Ijaz, Aamina Sheikh, Ali Kazmi shoot for Jackson Heights

As eviden­t in this pictur­e, the cast seems like they’re having a ball while shooti­ng for the drama in New York.

#100HAPPYDAYS: Atif Aslam recreates Man Push Cart

Atif's note seems apt as both Pakist­an and India celebr­ate their respec­tive indepe­ndence days this week.

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