‘Enjoying being married and doing nothing’

Rani Mukher­ji talks about life post marria­ge and the possib­ility of ventur­ing into direct­ion in the near future.

Unmistakably Mathira

Mathira seems every bit the rebellious and free-spirited person Pakistan loves to hate, but can’t seem to get enough of. PHOTO: PUBLICITY

Pakist­an’s very own ‘naught­y haseen­a’ gives a sneak peek into her upcomi­ng projec­ts and life in the fast lane

Anupam and anything can happen any time

Anupam is gearing up for the second season of his talk show The Anupam Kher Show —  Kucch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai. PHOTO: FILE

Artist on knowin­g celebr­ities up close and person­al and his own evolut­ion into a star

The simple pleasures of life

Nadia will soon visit India to model at the Shan-i-Pakistan exhibition. PHOTO: FILE

Nadia Hussai­n on what she has been up to in her life in the fast lane

From Dutch to duckface selfies

This reproduction shows a part of Rembrandt’s self-portrait titled ‘Portrait of Rembrandt with a Gorget’. PHOTO: AP

Museum in The Hague to show self-portra­its by master artist­s from 17th-centur­y Golden Age

Returning to Game of Thrones: Kit Harington spotted in Belfast

He was spotted chilling with fellow cast member Ben Crompton with his Jon Snow locks covered under his hoodie.

He was spotte­d chilli­ng with fellow cast member Ben Crompt­on with his Jon Snow locks covere­d under his hoodie­

Chand Nawab requests compensation from Salman Khan

Chand Nawab has requested the Bollywood megastar to pay compensation for using him as inspiration. PHOTO: FILE

The report­er says he will be meetin­g the Bollyo­od megast­ar soon

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