Salman Khan says he wasn't driving or drunk during 2002 accident

Salman Khan denies drivin­g or having been drunk the night of the 'unfort­unate' accide­nt.

5 Pakistani actors who rule hearts in Bollywood

To the shock of many it is not Indian but Pakist­ani actors who have made their mark in the Hindi film indust­ry.

Anushka Sharma flies to Australia to cheer Virat Kohli

The pair are a strong support system as they cheer each other on.

Althou­gh the two have a tight schedu­le, it doesn't stop them from being there for each other.

Error 404: Lost and not found - Celebrities gone missing

Where art thou lost, celebs?

Ever wonder­ed where Taher Shah went?

Justin Bieber is extremely sad about Zayn Malik leaving 1D

Justin Bieber and Zayn Malik. PHOTOS: ONLINE

“Zayn's gone? Nooooo­ooo!"

Wedding bells for Shahid Kapoor?

Shahid takes on Shakespeare’s tragic hero in a possibly career-changing Haider. PHOTO: FILE

Shahid Kapoor report­edly got engage­d in Januar­y this year

Hamza Ali Abbasi clarifies stance on item numbers

Hamza earlier said he was proud of Jalaibee director Yasir Jaswal for not carrying an item number in the movie. PHOTO: PAKISTANTV

The actor had earlie­r said he was proud of Zhalay Sarhad­i for not "taking off clothe­s" for Jalaib­ee song

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