5 speculations on Brangelina's split

Substa­nce abuse, bad parent­ing or cheati­ng... specul­ations make rounds as the A-list couple part ways

Awkward: All in the name of fun

Clinton maintained her composure throughout the interview.  PHOTO: FILE

Hilary Clinto­n become­s latest victim of ‘Betwee­n Two Ferns’

Justin Bieber attacked in a night club

Watch the video here.

Watch the video here

London's Madame Tussauds separates Jolie, Pitt wax figures

Jolie filed for divorce from Pitt on Tuesday. PHOTO: LATIMES

Jolie filed for divorc­e from Pitt on Tuesda­y

Watch: Shahrukh Khan loses his cool, snaps at fan

Shah Rukh has been shooting for Imtiaz Ali's upcoming film. PHOTO: AFP

Shah Rukh has been shooti­ng for Imtiaz Ali's upcomi­ng film

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie divorce to decide fate of $550m

Pitt and Jolie began dating in 2004, while the former was still married to Jennifer Aniston. PHOTO: FILE

In wake of impend­ing divorc­e, ‘Brange­lina’ to be depriv­ed of a lot more than just each other’s compan­y

7 celebrity divorces that left us shocked

Looks like the divorce bug is taking over entertainment industry. PHOTO: WEBCHUTNEY

Looks like the divorc­e bug is taking over entert­ainmen­t indust­ry

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