Ambanis to take 800 guests on luxury cruise for Anant, Radhika's pre-wedding celebrations

600 hospitality staff will be on board

Entertainment Desk May 22, 2024

You can expect a lot from the Ambanis, as one would of a family that has, quite literally, everything. You can expect them to have the biggest Bollywood stars serve food at their family functions. You can expect them to casually fly in and host tech billionaires. Did you see a gown at the Met Gala that you liked? Guess what? They bought it.

Now, in yet another mind-boggling display of staggering wealth, Radhika Merchant, the new Ambani daughter-in-law-to-be is set to don a dress designed by out-of-the-box fashion guru Grace Ling. The intricate creation, designed for a space-themed pre-wedding celebration, has captured the attention of fashion enthusiasts worldwide, especially once Instant Bollywood shared images of the outfit, making one wonder how one is supposed to put on the dress in the first place.


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As per Business Insider India, "this unique piece is crafted using Aerospace Aluminum Technology and is 3D-carved, drawing inspiration from the concept of a Galactic Princess." Moreover, as per BollywoodShaadis, "although the 3D element shows the use of armoured golden parts of the dress, the designers mentioned that the material is fluid and delicate. Thus, the dress was designed using new-era technology and took 30 artisans to complete it."

Oh, and if you're thinking that all this is the craziest part of the whole ordeal, you would not be farther from the truth. This elaborate outfit is to be paired with the space-themed event, which, as per Business Insider India, is set to unfold as a luxury cruise. "Between May 28 to 30, around 800 guests will be treated to an opulent adventure aboard a luxury cruise liner," reads an excerpt from the publication's report. "The itinerary boasts a picturesque journey from Italy to the South of France, spanning 4,380 kilometres. And in true Ambani style, comfort is paramount – 600 hospitality staff will be on board to ensure every whim is catered to." This, of course, follows an extravagant, widely reported, star-studded three-day affair in Jamnagar, which reportedly cost an astonishing INR12.59 billion.

Grace Ling, a New York-based designer, is known for her innovative and bold creations. Radhika Merchant is among the high-profile Indian clients of the designer, joining the ranks of celebrities like Bhumi Pednekar, who recently wore a daring Grace Ling dress paired with a quirky purse to the GQ Most Influential Young Indians Awards.

Throughout her pre-wedding functions, Radhika dazzled in outfits by some of the world's most prestigious designers. On the first day, she wore a stunning Versace gown reminiscent of the one Blake Lively donned for the 2022 Met Gala. She also showcased exquisite ensembles by celebrated Indian designers such as Tarun Tahiliani and the iconic duo Abu Jani & Sandeep Khosla.

Radhika's pre-wedding party dress, with its futuristic design and advanced craftsmanship, stands as a symbol of the seamless blend of tradition and modernity. The intricate details and the use of cutting-edge technology highlight the evolving landscape of fashion, where innovation meets elegance. As the couple continues their celebrations on a luxurious cruise, Radhika's dress remains a highlight, encapsulating the grandeur and sophistication of their nuptial festivities.

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