I had the chance to meet Shah Rukh Khan but I chased my future husband instead: Momal Sheikh

Actor passed up Bollywood icon to follow her heart

Entertainment Desk June 20, 2024

In a candid and heartwarming episode of the FHM podcast, Pakistani actor Momal Sheikh shared the remarkable story of how she chose love over a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet Bollywood superstars, including Shah Rukh Khan. Momal revealed that she was the first to fall in love with her now-husband, Nadir, and even followed him abroad to pursue their romance.

Reflecting on a pivotal moment in her life, Momal recounted how her father, the renowned actor Javed Sheikh, was filming the star-studded song Deewangi from the Bollywood film Om Shanti Om. “Baba was doing Om Shanti Om in India back then and there was that song in the film where all the actors join in. He asked me if I wanted to visit India,” she shared. 

However, love led her down a different path. “I was like, on one hand, there’s Shah Rukh Khan and on the other, there’s Nadir. So I decided to catch my Shah Rukh Khan. So I chose to go to London. Shehzad went for the song, however. He got to meet everyone.”

Momal described her journey to London as a "tough romantic journey," full of the kind of dramatic twists one might expect in a Bollywood movie. Upon arriving in London, she discovered that Nadir had already flown to another city, which led to a decisive moment in their relationship.

She remarked, “Getting my Shah Rukh Khan was a tough romantic journey. When I reached London, Nadir had already flown to another city. So I asked to tell me simply whether or not he wants to marry me. He said yes, absolutely. He sent his mother to meet mine. It was all very quick. For me it was all very filmy like Kajol and SRK’s romance.”

Momal's pursuit of love was rewarded with a smooth and swift engagement, despite her initial fears of parental opposition. She humourously compared their romance to the dramatic plots of Bollywood films, but in reality, their families were supportive and accommodating.

“I thought we’d hit the climax when it reaches our parents and they would kick up a storm but nope,” the Razia actor revealed. “They went along with it and it all went so smoothly. The only condition my father-in-law had was that Nadir would get a job first and the proceed with the nuptials. He was a student when we fell in love. Chatt mangni, patt bayah.”

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