For Hania Aamir, there's nothing like one-sided love

Actor talks journey from Dubsmash days to becoming national sweetheart

Entertainment Desk June 21, 2024

Eid is a time of celebration, family, and heartwarming moments, and this year's special episode of Mazaq Raat brought all these elements together with the presence of Hania Aamir. The vivacious actor, known for her infectious energy and candidness, graced the late-night comedy show, sharing anecdotes from her journey in the entertainment industry, personal stories, and insightful thoughts on love and success.

Hania’s rise to fame is a story of serendipity and sheer talent. When asked about her journey from Dubsmash videos to the silver screen, Hania shared, “Getting my first film was easy because I was only 18 then. At that age, you don’t really understand anything. Everything seems exciting so you keep going with the flow.” Her natural charm and unfiltered expressions on Dubsmash caught the attention of producers, leading to her first film offer - Janaan.

Humble beginnings

Recalling the moment she received the offer, Hania laughed, “When I first got a call from the producers, I was in my room. I went out and told my mother and my friend. I said, ‘I think I just got a film offer for real’ and they all burst out laughing. So I said it can’t be a big role, must be something in the background so they said sure. I used to be in Abbottabad back then.” This moment of disbelief and humour set the tone for her unassuming entry into the world of showbiz.

The conversation took a nostalgic turn when host Imran Ashraf, who shares a history with Hania, mentioned their school days in Abbottabad. “Is this the same Abbottabad?” he asked, sparking laughter between the two. They revealed that they attended the same school, with Hania being Imran’s junior. 

The Sang e Mah actor reminisced about her rebellious school days, “I used to study in Islamabad where I would dress up a bit to go to school. Conversely, Abbottabad had simpler people and our school was strict.”

She furthered on, “So I would put on the wrong shoes, hoodie, etc., and go to school every day. For the first couple of days, I was scolded. On the tenth day, they said you should leave for good. So they suspended me for ten days.” Imran, not one to be outdone, shared his own mischievous tale of being suspended for 25 days after sneaking out of the boarding school premises at night.

On love and grief

Despite her rapid rise to stardom, Hania remains grounded. When asked when she felt she had truly become famous, she responded simply, “Never.” This humility is reflected in her approach to both her career and personal life.

Sharing her Eid experience, Hania’s face lit up with joy. “I spent it with my family. My sister and I, we get ready first thing in the morning then greet our mother. We get Eidi then we put forth our requests for what we’d like to eat. My sister has a thing for sweet dishes. I, on the other hand, am more invested in biryani, etc.” Her description painted a picture of a typical Pakistani family, bonding over shared traditions and culinary delights.

In a candid moment, Hania opened up about dealing with heartbreak. “It hurts. At most, someone will do something that you never expected. It comes to you as a shock. Heart hurts a little. Ten or so days you spend crying then you move on. What else is there to do?” 

She emphasised the importance of endurance and resilience, adding, “A pain you were caused ten years ago has only as much importance as making you a bit stronger. So when you stumble upon grief, you should only focus on how to cross it. You don’t ignore it, you endure it.”

On the topic of one-sided love, Hania was forthright, “I have never experienced that. It shouldn’t be one-sided. Love should be reciprocated otherwise why should anyone waste their time? You should love yourself to have this confidence. When you think something of yourself. When you don’t respect yourself, you think no one will respect you and that it’s okay even if someone doesn’t reciprocate your love.”

Key to success

If given a superpower to change something about the industry, Hania’s wish was simple yet profound. “If everyone could work with manners, without being cruel. There are many ways to teach someone something but sometimes you say things that hurt people. I would wish for this to happen beyond the industry if such a superpower existed. That important things were said with care and respect, you don’t have to belittle anyone.”

As for her formula for success, Hania shared her philosophy, “There is no formula. Just focus on your work. Where you want to go, what you want to do. Don’t look around you a lot. If someone is doing well in life, be happy for them, don’t resent them. When you work on yourself, you excel. Have a clean heart, good intentions and work hard on yourself.”

Hania’s role in Mere Humsafar has been a significant milestone in her career. Reflecting on its success, she said, “I couldn’t understand anything. Fame and everything, that was happening outside. You don’t change from the inside. You stay the same person. It’s just people around you treating you differently now.”

Her straightforwardness and authenticity have been her strengths. “Showbiz has been easy for me because I have never lied about what I feel. When I felt happy, I posted out of pure joy. When I found something disagreeable, I made sure to communicate that. Whenever I was sad, I told everyone how it was. I have always stayed true to myself.”

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