Mani thinks Dhoni should mentor Pakistani cricket team, Fahad Mustafa slams monetary greed

Concerns raised by the two actors are symptomatic of a broader dissatisfaction

Entertainment Desk June 12, 2024

In the wake of a string of disappointing performances by the Pakistan cricket team, several public figures have voiced their concerns about the team's direction and focus. Actors Fahad Mustafa and Salman Saquib Sheikh a.k.a Mani have joined the chorus of critics, each highlighting different aspects they believe are hindering the team's success.

Joining a recent conversation with Waseem Badami via call on a local network, Fahad did not mince words regarding his views on the current state of the Pakistani cricket team. He specifically questioned the performance of Shadab Khan and suggested that the players might be too distracted by their social media presence and financial gains.

"It's all about money," said a disgruntled Fahad. "They've learned how to make money," he added. Fahad further highlighted, "I'm sorry to say but we seem rather foolish." He went on to propose a radical solution: a two-year break from cricket which could help some of the players refocus on the game and reignite their passion for playing for the country.

His comments reflect a growing concern among fans and analysts who feel that the sport that was once a beacon of pride has snowballed into a politically charged arena with vested interests, and enticing financial gains further muddying murky waters.

Adding another layer to the conversation, Mani took to his Instagram Story to share his thoughts on the team's recent struggles. Mani's critique centred around what he perceives as a psychological issue, specifically the admiration Pakistani players have for Indian athletes and the influence of Indian cinema on Pakistani culture.

"It's time for Pakistan to rethink its strategy! We're obsessed with Indian films and our players idolize Indian athletes," Mani wrote in his Instagram Story. "The issue is psychological. Let's take it to the next level and bring in a mentor like the legendary Mahendra Singh Dhoni to help us finally beat India on the field!"

The concerns raised by the two actors are symptomatic of a broader dissatisfaction among the Pakistani public and cricket fans. The team's recent losses have not only affected their standings but also the morale of their supporters. These critiques highlight a need for introspection within the team and the management.

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