Sonya Hussyn slams host 'mocking' Meera in interview clip

Clip of veteran star is circulating

Entertainment Desk June 12, 2024

A clip of veteran Pakistani actor Meera is making the rounds, where an attempt was seemingly made to humiliate the star. During the segment, Meera shared a quote she found meaningful: "In the hands of life, it’s not important to hold all the good relations but it is more important how good you behave with the relations you hold." Despite the depth of her message, an incessant laugh track continued in the background as she read the quote, evidently attempting to undermine her.

The situation escalated when the host, in an apparent bid to humiliate her further, asked Meera to recite the quote from memory. Meera, maintaining her composure, responded in Urdu, "I haven't learned it by heart, that's why I've written it for you." The host continued to take subtle jabs at her, but Meera gracefully sidestepped the mockery, demonstrating remarkable poise.

Reacting to the incident, actor Sonya Hussyn took to her Instagram Story to defend Meera and criticise the host's behaviour. "She shared something so profound but the host kept mocking her because he didn't have the level of intellect to understand it," chided Sonya. "It's the best example of when people can't reach your level, they'll try to bring you down to theirs. But she smartly ignored him and said that those who need to understand will get it. Just let it go," Sonya wrote further.

This incident has not only put the spotlight on Meera's graceful handling of the situation but also raised important questions about the broader issue of mocking someone's language skills or accent - something the veteran star has often been a target of. In many societies, especially in South Asia, proficiency in English is often unfairly equated with intelligence or social status. This mindset perpetuates a harmful stereotype that undermines the value of other languages and accents.

Meera's dignified response to the host's attempts at mockery serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of respect and empathy in public discourse. Rather than belittling someone for their language skills, it is crucial to appreciate the effort they are making to communicate. 

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