I was only acting: Salma Hassan responds to backlash over working with former husband Azfar Ali

Actor insists all divorced couples can put differences aside for their children’s sake

Entertainment Desk May 21, 2024

Salma Hassan’s personal life has often been in the public eye, especially following her highly publicised marriage and subsequent divorce from fellow actor Azfar Ali. The couple, once adored by fans, shocked many when they announced their split in 2012. Their marriage had seemed like a fairytale to their admirers.

Despite the divorce, Salma and Azfar continued to work together professionally, a decision that drew criticism from some quarters. Appearing on the talk show Hasna Mana Hai recently, Salma spoke candidly about the backlash she faced for her professional choices post-divorce.

“I was subject to some very strange comments that called my decision to work with Azfar ‘against the shariah,’” she shared. “It was very strange to me because I was only acting with him. How does it matter? Even when you are getting divorced, you may have children together and visitation rights. You face each other in court and sit in the same space. If that is possible, then why can you not work together?”

Azfar remarried shortly after their divorce, tying the knot with Naveen Waqar, but that marriage ended in 2015. Salma, on the other hand, chose not to remarry, focusing on her career and Fatima, her daughter with Azfar.

Salma highlighted the importance of maintaining a cordial relationship with her former husband for the well-being of their daughter. “It was always my wish that my daughter’s relationship with her father remained strong, and it is strong,” she affirmed.

She further emphasised that when children are involved, it is crucial to set aside personal differences to ensure their happiness and stability. “In the midst of our personal differences, our children had no part to play. For the sake of our daughter, we keep our differences aside.”

The actor’s comments have resonated with many, drawing attention to the complexities of co-parenting and the strength required to prioritise children’s needs over personal grievances.

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