Zara Noor Abbas does not go to the kitchen on Eid, says she has ‘never touched meat’

Actor reveals she is not much of a cook

Entertainment Desk June 20, 2024

In a recent Eid special television show, Pakistani actor Zara Noor Abbas shared delightful insights into her family traditions and personal experiences surrounding Eidul Azha, particularly focusing on her relationship with qurbani meat and her culinary skills.

During the show, Zara disclosed her dietary preferences. "To this day, I have never touched meat," she confessed. Despite this, she expressed excitement about visiting her parents this Eid. "On both paternal and maternal sides of the family, my parents are the eldest, so the whole family visits us. This is how Eid goes in our family, but I don’t like going to the kitchen on Eid."

The Standup Girl actor also shared a charming anecdote about her typical kitchen habits, or lack thereof. "Normally too, I don’t frequent the kitchen," she admitted. "My husband often asks, ‘When are you going to cook something for me?’ But it’s my plan that this Eid, I will cook namkeen gosht for him." Zara explained that her choice of dish was influenced by her husband's and his brothers' love for meat, making namkeen gosht a perfect fit for the occasion.

Earlier in March, Zara took to Instagram with husband Asad Siddiqui to announce the birth of their beloved daughter, whom the happy couple has officially named Noor e Jahan Siddiqui. “Alhamdulillah we announce ourselves as Amma and Abba to the most beautiful baby girl in the world Noor e Jahan Siddiqui. While we are busy going gaga over her, please remember us in your prayers,” wrote the Badshah Begum actor in her reel, which she signed off on behalf of both new parents as “Zara & Asad”. 

In just over half an hour, Zara’s post racked up thousands of likes, with fans and followers in the comments section quick to offer their prayers and congratulations. Zara and Asad’s rainbow baby comes after the couple’s harrowing loss of their stillborn Aurangzeb in 2021. 

In another emotional post later, the new mommy expressed her gratitude for the support from her fans, friends, and family. The 33-year-old delved into the essence of her postpartum experience, describing it as a transformative journey from “nothingness to everything”.

“It’s just insane. The journey from nothingness to everything. This rush of joy and power. The feeling that I can conquer anything now. The nourishment of empowerment and love,” she remarked in the caption.

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