7 Pakistani actors who would've been a better choice for Alamzeb in 'Heeramandi'

Sharmin Segal may have tried her best, but these stars would knock it out of the park

Sajeer Shaikh May 28, 2024

Look, we're not supposed to bully and troll people for no reason. That holds true. But, if the individual in question is a nepo baby who has failed to prove their mettle in what can only be called the biggest, grandest OTT series of the year made by THE Sanjay Leela Bhansali? Doesn't really bode well for the rising starlet, does it?

Sharmin Segal may have tried her best to play Alamzeb, which in itself is a concerning display of her talent, but her stone-faced, expressionless demeanour failed to win over audiences. Her flat performance stood out amongst an otherwise solid cast. To add to that, Bhansali himself said he was thinking of casting Pakistani stars in his universe that is set in Lahore. That's why we've compiled a list of seven stars who would have done a better job and, perhaps, made Alamzeb a memorable character:

Sajal Ali

From the shy, covert glances to eyes that inspire poetry - Sajal has it all. The superstar has proven her mettle time and again, and a role like Alamzeb's wouldn't be too far out of her zone of challenge she can take on. With her expressive features, innocent demeanour, and ability to essay the marriage of love and sacrifice, watching Sajal's take on Alamzeb would have been an ethereal experience. 

Hania Aamir

While Bhansali may have had a very specific vision for Alamzeb that audiences couldn't fully see due to Sharmin's limitations, Hania could easily step in and take on the character. Much like Sajal, Hania's features radiate the kind of innocence that is essential for a character like Alamzeb's. Hania's bubbly personality and ability to romance not just her co-star but also the camera also make her the perfect candidate. And, let's be honest, it'd be a different kind of challenge for Hania - one that we'd love for her to tackle head-on.

Iqra Aziz

This is another no-brainer. With a vast portfolio of compelling performances, there is nothing Iqra cannot do. Furthermore, watching Iqra transfigure into a courtesan-in-training from Lahore, who must rebel against her own blood, kin, and desire would be a completely different experience. Iqra is an actor who can bring a great deal of nuance and depth to the role that she's playing, and one cannot help but think about how much of a powerhouse performance the star could give, should she have been cast instead.

Sehar Khan

Young, naive, and a bit of an endearing goofball - all these traits that Sehar has essayed in the past would have snowballed into her becoming a more well-rounded and engaging Alamzeb. The rising star has already garnered a cult following due to her character choices, and one would not be mistaken in assuming that Sehar would bring a fresh perspective and take on Alamzeb to the table.

Yumna Zaidi

She's an established superstar, a powerhouse performer, and has a massive following on both sides of the border. Her grasp on essaying diverse roles is steadfast and one can envision how portraying Alamzeb would be yet another feather in her cap. When it comes to giving a believable, mind-boggling performance, Yumna stands unparalleled and it would have been a treat to witness the actor take on this role and add her own flavour to it. 

Mawra Hocane

Mawra is no stranger to Bollywood, and it's easy to see how, in the past, she has combated the challenge of taking on characters that test her limits. While Alamzeb would not fully push the star out of her comfort zone, one can imagine how Mawra, with her eyes that hold a world of emotions, could portray the war between love, sacrifice, and rebellion.  

Sonya Hussyn

The forever mesmerising star is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to portraying complex characters. While Alamzeb is a poorly written character to begin with, Sharmin does little to salvage the same. Sonya, with her stunning sense of beauty and her ability to breathe life into any average role, would have been the perfect replacement. One can assume, without a shadow of a doubt, that Sonya would do her best to add depth and nuance to her performance.

All in all, while Alamzeb wasn't a brilliantly written character to begin with, it's also true that Bhansali did a huge disservice to his own craft by casting his niece. Nepotism may reign supreme in most industries, but at the end of the day, talent speaks volumes, and these seven stars are filled to the brim with the same.

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