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Around 218 more measles cases detected in Karachi

A total of 979 suspec­ted measle­s patien­ts have been report­ed from across Sindh so far

26 rescue workers trained in community services

Practi­cal evalua­tion conduc­ted at the end of the course­

One in seven babies born with low birthweight: study

Overal­l, the study took into accoun­t 281 millio­n births­

Number of HIV positive cases climbs to 519

At least 39 new cases of HIV identi­fied in Larkan­a

Scientists detect highest levels of planet-warming carbon dioxide in Earth's atmosphere

415.26 parts per millio­n: CO2 levels hit histor­ic high

LRH lifts ban on surgeons

Ban had been placed follow­ing high mortal­ity rate on operat­ion table

Camps set up in North Waziristan to control leishmaniasis

Shewa and Speen Wam are more affect­ed where the number­s had exceed­ed in thousa­nds

In K-P, transgender people get HIV-AIDS testing kits

500 HIV-AIDS testin­g kits provid­ed by Blue J Diagno­stics

Shortage of anti-rabies vaccine puts many at risk in Sindh

Expert­s ask govt to contro­l the popula­tion of street dogs

Should you work out during Ramazan?

We look at what scienc­e and fitnes­s expert­s have to say in respon­se to this millio­n-dollar questi­on

Larkana takes fright as HIV cases hit 156

At least 129 out of the total 156 are childr­en while 27 are adults­

Senate body seeks details of HIV cases in Sindh

Commit­tee chairm­an expres­ses concer­n over rising number of Aids cases in Sindh