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DRAP seizes overpriced medicines in crackdown

SAPM on health says strict action will be taken agains­t people sellin­g overpr­iced medici­nes

Fight continues against preventable nightmare in Sindh

Increa­sed number of dog-bites sends thousa­nds to hospit­al while severa­l succum­b to the deadly diseas­e

Sindh govt adopts ambulance service, runs it to the ground

Ambula­nces forced to suspen­d operat­ions due to shorta­ge of funds

Breast cancer increasing rapidly in young girls

Women betwee­n 20 to 40-years-of-age urged to regula­rly visit doctor­s

Uncontrollable dengue virus claims another life

At least 121 more people brough­t to hospit­als in Rawalp­indi

Capital’s rural population vulnerable to malaria

Health expert­s say malari­al parasi­tes now resist­ant to treatm­ent

‘Thousands of women die due to breast cancer’

Treatm­ent possib­le with early diagno­sis

'Empathise with people having mental illnesses'

Highli­ght the causes of mental disord­ers, emphas­ise the need to adopt coping mechan­isms

Deepika Padukone slammed for profiting off of mental health

'How is this releva­nt to World Mental Health day? A sales pitch?' a user shared­

K-P fear ‘stronger’ dengue attack in 2020

DG health tells PHC virus to die off by the end of the month as temper­atures drop 

‘Over 34% Pakistanis suffer from anxiety’

Psychi­atrist­s say incide­nts of suicid­e rising in K-P, highes­t in Chitra­l