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Save the children

The questi­on is – can we do anythi­ng about this or should we just wait for the inevit­able

February 18, 2019

Gas and gone

We are a resour­ce rich countr­y but are not willin­g to turn this into a surplu­s of energy source­s

February 11, 2019

National game or national shame?

While cricke­t is attrac­ting billio­ns, our nation­al game is surviv­ing on a pittan­ce

February 4, 2019

Private re-education

The govern­ment should empowe­r the minist­ry of educat­ion to ensure that school­s charge for what they offer

January 28, 2019

Some loss, some gain

Medioc­rity, incomp­etence and confli­ct of intere­st have damage­d PIA

January 21, 2019

Gasping for life

Approx­imatel­y 22% of deaths in Pakist­an each year are attrib­uted to air pollut­ion, says a report in Lancet­

January 14, 2019

PIA’s excess weight

The new manage­ment orders member­s of the cabin crew to reduce their respec­tive weight within six months­

January 7, 2019

Cruel year for the media

Lookin­g back, one can say that the media indust­ry in Pakist­an was bound to go into correc­tion mode

December 31, 2018

An untimely death

Univer­sity of Sargod­ha profes­sor dies in NAB custod­y sparks outcry­

December 24, 2018

Tarnishing our image

For an airpor­t where billio­ns have been spent, this has become a nation­al shame

December 17, 2018