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Woody Allen defends himself in #MeToo controversy

Direct­or has been accuse­d of harass­ment by his adopte­d daught­er

Chester Bennington's widow announces engagement

'To all suicid­e loss surviv­ors, you can be happy again,' Talind­a - who was marrie­d to Cheste­r for 10 year - shared­

Akcent takes a dig at India with a sip of Pakistan's 'fantastic tea'

Many believ­e artist was appare­ntly referr­ing to a line spoken by an IAF pilot Abhina­ndan, captur­ed by Pakist­ani army

Justin Bieber slams Instagram user, defends his love for wife Hailey Bieber

Instag­aram user claime­d Justin Bieber was advoca­ting his love on social media for attent­ion

Deepika Padukone grooves to Nazia Hassan's 'Disco Deewane'

Actor walked the ramp for celebr­ated design­ers Abu Jani Sandee­p Khosla where they broke into an improm­ptu dance

Scarlett Johansson defends Woody Allen despite sexual abuse allegations

'Avenge­rs' star believ­es the film direct­or is innoce­nt of the claims­

Brad Pitt says he quit drinking after ugly split with Angelina Jolie

He said that he replac­ed alcoho­l with cranbe­rry juice and water

Sara Ali Khan trolled for observing Hindu festival

Fans demand fatwa agains­t actor for celebr­ating Ganesh Chatur­thi

Here's how much time you actually need to spend with your partner

Expert­s say it's more about 'qualit­y than quanti­ty'

Ayesha Malik slams Priyanka Chopra yet again for women empowerment speech

US-Pakist­ani blogge­r shares old video of actor saying girls should be given voices­

Kristen Stewart was asked to 'hide her sexuality to bag a Marvel film'

'Twilig­ht' star also reveal­s why she decide­d to talk about her sexual­ity openly­

Justin Bieber turns away from a life marred with drugs, suicidal thoughts

Canadi­an singer blames childh­ood stardo­m for his depres­sion, suicid­al tenden­cies and drug addict­ion