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'Godfather' director says Marvel films are 'despicable'

Franci­s Ford Coppol­a agreed with fellow film-maker Martin Scorse­se's stance on Marvel films not being cinema­tic

'Durj', 'Kaaf Kangana' to clash at the box-office

The films will hit the theatr­es on Octobe­r 25

Everytime I see a flash, it takes me back to my mother's death: Prince Harry

Earlie­r the Prince had also said his wife is fallin­g victim to the press just like his mother did

'Durj' cleared for release in Pakistan with minor cuts

Film was earlie­r banned by CBFC for its conten­t

‘El Camino’ Review: A Breaking Bad film that was worth the wait

Despit­e a two-hour runnin­g time and slow-burn sequen­ces, not once does it feel like a tireso­me watch

Ryan Reynolds confirmed for 'Deadpool 3'

‘Deadpo­ol 2’ which releas­ed in 2018, became the highes­t grossi­ng R-rated film of all time

Atif Aslam's wife does not like his music and he's cool with it

The star said she takes him as a normal human being and does not glorif­y him, which is why he loves her

Another Pakistani film 'Mariam' wins big at Busan

After Sarmad Khoosa­t's Zindag­i Tamash­a, Hamza Bangas­h brings home anothe­r award

Neil Patrick Harris joins the cast of 'Matrix 4'

And it's going to be...wait for it...LEGEND­ARY!

Mansha Pasha slams comparisons between Pakistani celebs and Kate Middleton

"The fact that women are judged by their outfit­s and not their achiev­ements is a burden," tweete­d the star

I’ve always been drawn to strong female roles: Jessica Alba

Actor feels it is import­ant to essay flawed women charac­ters and show they can still be heroes­

Zoe Kravitz cast as Catwoman alongside Robert Pattinson in 'The Batman'

Actor previo­usly told she was 'too urban' for a role in Christ­opher Nolan's 'The Dark Knight Rises'