Wherever I meet Pakistanis, they always welcome me with a lot of love: Boman Irani

In a recent interview, the 3 Idiots star spoke about his fan base on this side of the border

Entertainment Desk August 20, 2022

Having starred in almost 80 films, Boman Irani is no stranger to the performing arts. A known theatre actor and film artist, he has numerous hits to his name, as well as many award nominations. Irani’s versatility is the shining merit of his career. The 62-year-old star is eloquent, articulate and charming both on and off the screen.

In a recent interview with Masala!, the 3 Idiots star spoke about his fan base in Pakistan. "It’s all about affection that transcends borders. It’s so wonderful to know that cinema is fluid and it unites people because the central theme of most of them is unity, love, affection and brotherhood," the actor shared with the publication. "I don’t know anything that unites people as much and that’s why Bollywood is popular across Pakistan. There is love, affection and appreciation which does not necessarily come because you put in a good performance."

He went on to add, "It comes simply because we make people smile, and bring warmth into their homes and on the screen – that is the core and central drive of colour, openness, brotherhood, friendship and love. Whenever I have met people from Pakistan – be it in any part of the world – they always welcome me with a lot of love which brings a smile to my face."

Irani went on to comment how he was always welcomed with open arms whenever he would visit a Pakistani eatery abroad. "When you go to a restaurant and the way that you are treated and loved by them is amazing," he remarked. "It’s all these things put together and the negativity doesn’t exist. There is always this mehmaannawazi [hospitality] and the warmth and kindness are something that overwhelms me."

He continued, "It’s beautiful and I am grateful that I am part of this wonderful business where we can share the love with people and make them smile."

In a 2018 exclusive with The Express Tribune, Irani shared his sentiments on working with his Pakistani counterparts on projects. “You look at the United States. Look how a number of artists who work in Hollywood are from Australia, Eastern Europe, England and all over the world. 80% of the cinematographers aren’t even American!” he had shared. “I think art, in any form, really doesn’t have boundaries. It shouldn’t have boundaries.”


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