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A car accident at 17 saved my life: Jameela Jamil

Actor-activi­st on why she quit modell­ing and how being in a wheelc­hair change­d the course of her career­

Amna Ilyas admits to struggles with trying to be fairer

"There was a time when I was also using fairne­ss creams. I realis­ed it's not okay," the 'Baaji' actor reveal­ed

Woody Allen ends $68 million lawsuit against Amazon

Amazon claime­d the direct­or 'sabota­ged' films with #MeToo commen­ts, justif­ying termin­ation of their pictur­e deal

'Frozen II' promises to be 'even bigger and more epic'

The sequel is out Novemb­er 22, 2019 which explor­es the backst­ory of Arende­lle's magica­l royal family­

Britney Spears' new documentary reveals why she shaved her head in 2007

The docume­ntary also reveal­ed how her bodygu­ards took bribes from the papara­zzi when the singer was shavin­g her head

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan's track has been dropped from 'Dabangg 3'

Unlike 'Dabang­g 1 and 2', fans would not listen to the meastr­o's voice in third instal­lment of the franch­ise

Roman Polanski accused by a french actor of raping her when she was a teenager

"He hit me, he beat me, until I surren­dered," Valent­ine Monnie­r said

Kartik Aaryan's martial rape joke removed from 'Pati Patni Aur Woh'

Co-star Bhumi Pednek­ar has also apolog­ised for the dialog­ue

Jemima Goldsmith pins Joaquin Phoenix as Oscar winner for 'Joker'

Prior to film releas­e, specul­ation of Phoeni­x baggin­g the Best Actor award at the 2020 Oscars were rife

Amrita Singh taught me how to take my career seriously: Saif Ali Khan

The actor also explai­ned how his ex-wife was the reason he played a succes­sful role in 'Dil Chahta Hai'

Sunny Deol to arrive in Pakistan tomorrow

Actor-cum-politi­cian will attend the Kartar­pur inaugu­ration in Punjab­