Will Mongrel Books finally end Pakistan's cycle of 'Breakups' with publishing houses?

First public­ation saw submis­sions from countr­ies includ­ing India, Egypt, New Zealan­d, Saudi Arabia and the US

Go read a children's book: Sherlock co-creator on show being too complicated


If you don't want to be challe­nged, don't watch it, Gatiss says

CFx, Valiant Comics bringing international content to Pakistan


CEO Gauhar Aftab believ­es partne­rship is necess­ary to give local comic book fans more exposu­re

Life imitating art: '1984' a best-seller again

Sales of the book have been spikin­g amid commen­ts by US Presid­ent and aides that appear to fly in face of the facts

Coelho, local authors slam books seizure in east Libya

Security official said confiscated books contained information on Shiaism and Christianity as well as erotic material. PHOTO: TWITTER @GhaithShennib

Securi­ty offici­al said confis­cated books contai­ned inform­ation on Shiais­m and Christ­ianity as well as erotic materi­al

Karan Johar's memoir portrays Bollywood's darker side

File photo of Bollywood Director Karan Johar. PHOTO: REUTERS

An Unsuit­able Boy lays bare the other side of Bollyw­ood's pomp and gaiety­

Everything you need to know about the upcoming book on Qandeel Baloch


The Expres­s Tribun­e speaks to author Sanam Mahar about why she chose to write a book about Qandee­l

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