Twitter overjoyed as residents help elderly neighbour stay 'sane' during lockdown

Images of 72-year-old woman's handwritten plea, thank you note go viral on social media

Social Desk April 28, 2020
Photo: Twitter

In a heartwarming incident shared on Twitter by London-based Bon Cliff, social distancing seems to draw together an elderly lady and her neighbours during these dark times when there’s only a faint glimmer of hope.

Shared on April 23rd, Bon Cliff wrote:

"Yesterday an elderly woman in my block taped the first note to the lobby door, so my neighbours and I dropped off some books/DVDs for her. Today she stuck up a second note"

In her first note, the 72-year-old woman had asked people of her neighbourhood to share any books or movies they may have to help make self-isolation go by faster.

Countries across the globe are taking unprecedented measures to reduce people-to-people contact in a bid to contain the spread of coronavirus.

While measures such as imposing restrictions on travelling, banning mass gatherings, closing of non-essential public places and ensuring a physical distance of two metres from others are now a norm in many places, being in isolation has, ironically, brought people closer in many ways.

This emotive story comes full circle with a succeeding note, in which the lady writes: "Thank you, everyone. I am most touched and appreciative of your generosity and kindness. When I have finished the books and DVDs etc, I shall leave them on the little table in the lobby for everyone to enjoy (it will take a while). PS You have saved an old bird's sanity."

Here is how people on Twitter reacted to this touching incident:

"I am SOBBING," said a Twitter user, whilst another wrote, "Love elderly Mum had a note put through her door listing every neighbour in her street, names and numbers in case she needs anything. Next door neighbour is shopping for her...this really is bringing out the best in most people"

"We must protect this woman at all costs," read one comment.

One boomer even analysed the elderly woman's handwriting. "You can even see the difference between the photos in the handwriting: the first one is very stressed and twitchy, the second is much more relaxed and harmonic. You did wonders to this person!"

The tweet currently has over 67,000 retweets and more than 494,500 likes.


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