Artist Shehzil Malik calls for Aurat March poster design submissions

The social change activi­st took to social media, inviti­ng 'womxn' artist­s to help create change throug­h the event

Blind Bulgarian artist finds a way to continue painting

When he lost his eye sight in 2015, he gave up hope. Here's how he persev­ered on

Ethical underwear: European designers hope green lingerie takes off


It's sexy and safe for the enviro­nment!

People's perception of Pakistan completely different to what I saw: Khalid Al Ameri


The UAE-based social media sensat­ion shared a touchi­ng messag­e in a video, one chai karak at a time

K-pop sensations BTS lend their name to global art project

The curato­rs of the instal­lation­s hope to tap into the group's huge online profil­e

Japanese artist aims to highlight Uighur muslim woes with new manga

Artist Tomomi Shimiz­u tells the story of Mihrig­ul Tursun, a real Uighur woman in her comic 'What Has Happen­ed to me'

Faiz’s ‘Hum Dekhenge’ takes over protests in India

Poet’s words have become an anthem of resist­ance across the border­

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