Mahira Khan's son has made his own Pokémon

Talk about a supermom with a super kid!

Entertainment Desk April 21, 2020

Mahira Khan may have a future star animator on her hands in the form of her son Azlan!

Yes, Mahira's little one has been working hard to create a new Pokémon, it was revealed on her Twitter, late last night. Addressing the creator of Pokémon on the micro-blogging site, Mahira's son himself penned the note.

"Hello, I am Azlan Askari. Me and my friend have made a Pokémon. We have made the design, the name, the type and the evolutions. Can I have an email to contact you?" wrote the 10-year-old.

He went on to add a special wish of his. "I am a massive fan of Pokémon and it would make my dream come true if you put my Pokémon in the game."

Shortly afterwards, though, despite the wholesomeness of the original tweet, one user made a snarky remark instead, writing, "Can someone take internet access away from celebrities during quarantine?"

As it turns out, Mahira was all set to clap back at the user - no one messes with a mother. "That’s my son using my Twitter. He has spent this whole month making a kick a** Pokémon animation and asked me if he could someway email or message this man. If only you had bothered reading," she schooled.

"Oh also, celebrity and super proud," she added for good measure!

You tell 'em, Mahira! And here's wishing Azlan all the best of luck for his dreams.

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