Here’s what celebrities think you should do in quarantine

Some are providing tutorials while others have provided a list of things you can do, starting today

Entertainment Desk March 31, 2020
It has been nine days since Sindh officially locked down and many have been in quarantine since much longer. Although there are plenty out there who have not yet grasped the concept of social distancing, the majority are leading simple lives at home, wondering what to do with their time.

Growing tired of a mundane routine, celebrities and people alike have started YouTube-ing and live chatting with their fans, family and friends.

A few celebrities have recently started activities that you could do with your children while others have made a list of things you could start doing today!

Sarwat Gilani thinks it's the perfect time to be creative

Popular actor Sarwat Gilani thinks quarantine should be all about getting your hands dirty. And this mama doesn't even care if you don't have a paint brush to do it.

Gilani's Instagram has been flooding with arts and craft tutorials as she teaches mothers and kids how to make the most of their time together. She brings in her own kids who sit with her, finishing the tasks she started, decorating walls, painting pots and creating as much as they can.

The actor tells her followers the things they will need for their day's activity in the morning and follows-up on those activities later in the day. So far she has made creative stationary holders, air balloons, hanging wall decorations and paintings you could frame in your rooms.

Maya Ali has a list and 'staying calm' is a priority

Maya Ali made a list of things we could all do and make a habit of in our lives. She posted the list on Instagram with the caption, "Stay calm, relax and make yourself more productive in these quarantine days."

The list started off with things like, "Offering prayers and reciting the Quran," and progressed to keeping our environment and our bodies clean and healthy. "Plantation, gardening. Read books. Start working on your daily routine, time table to do productive things. Watch movies, motivational videos, dramas and documentaries. Paint, do calligraphy and fix your wardrobe." We all know we certainly need to do that.

She went onto list down "cooking, baking and home cleaning," things we're sure all desi mothers are already emphasising on. But the Teefa in Trouble actor also mentioned, "Exercise, Yoga, meditation" and "video calling your friends" as a part of quarantine essentials.

Zahid Ahmed wants you to have all meals at the table

Aside for pointing out the religious habits that we can easily adapt to in these times of isolation, actor Zahid Ahmed also pointed out that parents need to utilise this time with their children. Not to mention, he put "Having all meals at the table with your family," into his list of quarantine essentials.

He said, "Offer all five prayers (do we have an excuse not to?). Read Quran with translation (a little everyday, don't overburden yourself). I recommend an app called 'Hadith' (makes it easy to read hadith from all major books). If your children are small like mine, join them in one hour of cartoon time and play productive indoor games with them."

He then concluded with his 'having all meals together' idea by pointing out how that could help in "discussing the opportunities and blessings we have been given."

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