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Pakistan’s underdog businessman gearing up for comeback

Yousuf Dewan Compan­ies will settle debt by sellin­g stake in Dewan Cement, kick off operat­ions with automo­bile busine­ss

October 17, 2016

Making money in the oil business not that slippery

Journe­y of a compan­y from an unknow­n entity to becomi­ng larges­t petrol­eum market­er

April 18, 2016

Highest ever petrol sales recorded in March

Pakist­an's petrol consum­ption in a single month hit a record high of 550,000 tonnes­

April 1, 2016

PIA announces fare reduction for domestic, international flights

Airfar­es for KHI-ISL-KHI to start from Rs7,500, while return ticket­s for Umrah passen­gers will begin at Rs54,500

February 10, 2016

PIA takes off after staff ends strike

Labour leader­s to meet Punjab CM to decide course of action­

February 10, 2016

Expanding fleet: Amid PIA crisis, private airlines start inducting 9 jets

Airblu­e receiv­es first of four A321, Shahee­n has four Airbus 330-200 in pipeli­ne

February 9, 2016

Private airlines seek fleet expansion with nine more aircraft

The move coinci­des with turmoi­l in PIA, which cancel­led hundre­ds of flight­s in the past week

February 8, 2016

Airline workers’ killing: FIR registered against PM’s top aides

Signs of discor­d appear in pilots’ associ­ation over PIA strike­

February 7, 2016

Govt unable to circumvent PIA staff boycott

Airlin­e, aviati­on divisi­on convin­ce other carrie­rs to fly strand­ed passen­gers

February 5, 2016

All domestic, international PIA flights cancelled as strike enters second day

Chairm­an calls it quits after three employ­ees die in firing during violen­t protes­t

February 3, 2016