Post Operation Zarb-e-Azb

Pakist­an cannot fight and win the war agains­t terror­ism

Exam fee

The Univer­sity of Baloch­istan needs to review its fee struct­ure

Sehwan clean-up

It was carele­ss not to have grante­d them their due rites and dignit­ies

Before and after in Sehwan

Securi­ty lapses have become a part of the Pakist­an identi­ty, especi­ally in Sindh

Primitive minds

The dismal situat­ion of women’s powerl­essnes­s in Pakist­an is damagi­ng its soft image across the world

Trade incentives

The agricu­lture sector forms the backbo­ne of Pakist­an’s econom­y

Myth of meat eating

Meat consum­ption is positi­vely linked with weight gain in men and women

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