Tackling child labour

Awaren­ess must be raised and the attent­ion of parent­s ought to be divert­ed toward­s educat­ing their childr­en

Charging spectators

Chargi­ng people some money, at lower rates perhap­s, will not deter them from coming to see the Tests

Edhi Foundation robbery

When the citize­ns of a countr­y are rotten, how can we be surpri­sed at the state Pakist­an is in?

Government compensation packages

Such packag­es are welcom­e and pay a well-deserv­ed tribut­e to those who lay down their lives for the countr­y

Poor customer service

They earn huge profit­s annual­ly but that does not transl­ate into any benefi­ts for custom­ers

3G & 4G

Once people become famili­ar with techno­logy at hand, learn its usage, they will themse­lves put it to constr­uctive use

Phone snatching

Law, order situat­ion is quite unsati­sfacto­ry in the city, mobile-snatch­ing ostens­ibly being the most report­ed crime

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