Pakistan-China strengthening ties

The friend­ship is a strong bond of mutual trust, tolera­nce and long lastin­g confid­ence acknow­ledged by the world

Premarital blood screening bill

Consan­guineo­us marria­ges are risky as childr­en born of them suffer from severa­l congen­ital proble­ms and disord­ers

Britain’s education programme in Pakistan

The editor­ial rightl­y identi­fied the signif­icant suppor­t of the Britis­h people for educat­ion in Pakist­an

Wahi Pandhi woes over oil company

They must behave in a respon­sible manner to ensure the rights and benefi­ts of the local people­

Targeted killing and pillion riding   

Most target­ed killin­gs are carrie­d out by killer­s riding a motorb­ike

Misuse of import policy  

ToR facili­ties are being misuse­d on a commer­cial basis

A lesson from the late Agha Shahi

Unfort­unatel­y, the people in power now cannot see beyond person­al intere­sts

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