Need for injectable doses of polio

Adding an intram­uscula­r dose of inacti­vated polio virus boosts immuni­ty in childr­en.

Dwindling support for Israel

From France to Chile, protes­ts agains­t Israel­i aggres­sion have been organi­sed and attend­ed by people in good number.

Misuse of ambulance siren

I see it being used not to transp­ort a patien­t but the driver’s friend­s and relati­ves all going to a picnic.

Where is the system?

Why is it that the incide­nt must be first raised by the media or some NGO and then the govern­ment takes notice?

What is there to celebrate?

I reques­t the nation to please pray for these people who will be depriv­ed of the festiv­ities of Eid.

Explicit content

The author­ities should also take some respon­sibili­ty in regula­ting intern­et conten­t.

Black Day

Hopefu­lly, Israel will be punish­ed one day for its atroci­ties and war crimes in Gaza.

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