Democracy in theory and practice 

The govern­ment is extrac­ting the bulk of each indivi­dual’s hard-earned money in these times of inflat­ion


It is easier to divide those hundre­d person­s into ten teams and assign one leader for each team

IHK: glacial indifference

It is a pity that the world contin­ues to turn a blind eye to these atroci­ties

Energy projects’ safety and standards

It is the prime obliga­tion of any govt to ensure safety, standa­rd and qualit­y of any projec­t before its comple­tion

Speaking of corruption

Why can’t the Ranger­s operat­e in the whole provin­ce of Sindh and why only Karach­i?

PSX attracting foreign investment

PSX has become an attrac­tion for foreig­n invest­ors becaus­e of slow financ­ial activi­ties in their countr­ies

Speeding on Karachi roads

Speedi­ng by heavy vehicl­es in Karach­i needs the govern­ment’s immedi­ate attent­io

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