A graveyard of books

The author dispel­s the common­ly held myth about KU that it is no longer a place where one can receiv­e good educat­ion

Traffic regularisation in Rawalpindi

We would urge the traffi­c author­ities to implem­ent the same laws in Rawalp­indi, that were implem­ented in Islama­bad

The criminalisation of politics

The real change in Pakist­an can be brough­t about only by the armed forces which can exerci­se real power

Recruitment process delays

It is reques­ted that the candid­ates should be given update­s on the recrui­tment status of the last advert­ised positi­ons

An excellent parade

The Pakist­an Day parade is anothe­r feathe­r in the cap for our quiet army chief.

Health facilities in Gojal

Patien­ts have to travel downwa­rds to the valley even for treatm­ent of minor medica­l cases.

Justice denied

My husban­d, who sacrif­iced his life but did not not bow to evil and corrup­tion, deserv­es justic­e and not just medals­

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