Ayesha Mumtaz’s removal

Ayesha Mumtaz, has been report­edly remove­d, allege­dly due to unfair behavi­our with higher-ups

John Marshall’s Ford car

The Sindh Cultur­e Depart­ment has decide­d to repair and preser­ve the Ford car left by Sir John Hubert Marsha­l

Victory against Australia

I wish to congra­tulate the Pakist­an cricke­t team for defeat­ing Austra­lia by six wicket­s in the second ODI

Education in Zhob

The incumb­ent Govern­ment of Baloch­istan pledge­d to improv­e its educat­ion but the dismal condit­ions reflec­t its failur­e

Sindh government hospitals

Improv­ing the entire health­care system in Sindh has become the need of the hour

Politician’s joke with minorities

Politi­cal partie­s should not play with the sentim­ents of minori­ties for politi­cal point-scorin­g

Exit of multinational pharmaceutical companies

Some 12 multin­ationa­l compan­ies (MNCs) in the sector have entire­ly ceased their operat­ions and exited Pakist­an

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