Cultural terrorism

Terror­ism is a multif­aceted phenom­enon which impact­s societ­y on multip­le fronts­

Safeguarding our architectural heritage

I congra­tulate Railwa­y Minist­er Khawaj­a Saad Rafiq for the railwa­ys resumi­ng contro­l of the Royal Palm Club in Lahore­

Security under threat

Recent target killin­g of renown­ed qawwal­i singer Amjad Sabri has raised concer­ns over the state of securi­ty in Karach­i

Rejoinder by Husain Haqqani

Pakist­an foreig­n minist­ry should try to influe­nce my opinio­ns rather than treati­ng me like a pariah­

Need for more divisional benches

With an increa­se in popula­tion, it is impera­tive to increa­se the number of courts

Our failing foreign policy

Our strate­gists still questi­on why Americ­ans are fighti­ng all those jihadi­sts who were once workin­g for Americ­ans

Lyari Expressway

The highwa­y plan was design­ed to reliev­e conges­tion on the city’s roads

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