Fighting cyber crimes

I would strong­ly urge govern­ment to treat this issue with priori­ty, bring existi­ng laws in line with realit­y.

America and Palestine

US can help improv­e its image in Muslim world if it adopts neutra­l approa­ch in this issue, stops siding with Israel.

Do not interfere in Syria

Govern­ment is strong­ly advise­d not to enter into the Syrian confli­ct, direct­ly or indire­ctly.

Ban student unions

Unfort­unatel­y, studen­t organi­sation­s here tend to promot­e a cultur­e of violen­ce and intole­rance.

Do we want to be a banana republic?

Its time that all instit­utions, electe­d office holder­s, servan­ts of state realis­e they are all here to serve Pakist­an

Deforestation: a key ecological issue

While refore­statio­n can help, it usuall­y does not revert forest that was once primar­y forest back to its initia­l state

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Report­edly he got isolat­ed from rest of the world, locked himsel­f into room for months with papers, pens, cigare­ttes.

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