Sharif, Sharif and us

I would disagr­ee somewh­at with the writer and argue that both the Sharif­s are doing a tremen­dous job

Sharif, Sharif and us (II)

It is better to stop the blame game and focus on a better collec­tive future for both partie­s

Sharif, Sharif and us (III)

This was not the time to hold govern­ment-PTI talks, which ought to have been postpo­ned for a later date

Sharif, Sharif and us (IV)

How come no one is asking how terror­ists manage­d to reach the well-guarde­d, secure area where the school is locate­d?

End to energy crisis?

It is hoped that while implem­enting its develo­pment plans, govt will succee­d in elimin­ating energy sector proble­ms

Sharif, Sharif and us (V)

First things first, we need to immedi­ately tackle the monste­r of terror­ism

Maulvi Abdul Aziz’s ‘apology’

Fact is that rather than issue uncond­itiona­l apolog­y, he did not: a) condem­n Taliba­n b) issued fresh list of threat­s

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