Addressing mistrust

Demand to transp­ort ballot boxes under milita­ry depict­s absolu­te distru­st betwee­n the people and civili­an machin­ery

A country up in the air

Israel's ever-expand­ing illega­l settle­ments in Palest­inian territ­ories have always been reward­ed by the West

Dodging accountability

Our ruling elite, bureau­crats and techno­crats are notori­ous for runnin­g away from accoun­tabili­ty

Studying in the dark

How long are we going to suffer throug­h prolon­ged power outage­s? Are we going back to the Dark Ages?

Widening Multan Road

Multan Road needs to be widene­d on an urgent basis and the author­ities concer­ned need to focus on this task

Integrating FATA

The writer accura­tely emphas­ised the import­ance of provis­ion of basic human rights to the people of Fata

Integrating FATA (II)

The writer seems well-inform­ed about the state of Fata with regard to the Consti­tution of Pakist­an

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