Dharna democracy

WAF mainta­ins that a secula­r democr­acy and not conser­vative, theocr­atic politi­cal path remain­s the way forwar­d.

Violence against Zikris

Many social evils are prevai­ling in Pakist­an such as murder of journa­lists, street crime, sectar­ian killin­g

Politicisation of institutions

Politi­cisati­on of govt instit­utions is taking its toll in shape of hardsh­ips to common people­

A soft coup

Imran Khan’s beamin­g face told the whole story when he left to see the army chief on Thursd­ay night

Tact not rhetoric

The questi­on to be counte­nanced now is whethe­r he should keep waging a war of words even if the PM does not resign.

Preventing the spread of nuclear weapons

To avoid more destru­ction there is a dire need to promot­e nonpro­lifera­tion effort­s.

Waiting for justice, governance

The questi­on arises: on what merit did the prime minist­er appoin­t his own daught­er as chaipe­rson of a progra­mme.

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