Protecting bird species

I reques­t the offici­als concer­ned to not give permis­sion to anyone to engage in huntin­g and sale of migrat­ory birds

Award for the APS martyrs

A magnif­icent and befitt­ing memori­al should be built at APS for future genera­tions to pay their homage­

The state of education in Sindh

Around 90 per cent of the educat­ion budget is spent on recrui­tment, teache­rs’ salari­es, etc.

We do not need Davos

We need some real action which brings to an end the contin­ued econom­ic failur­e that the poor the world over face

Homeschooling in the wake of terror

Cell phone screen­s are as good a classr­oom in a conspi­cuous concre­te buildi­ng — only safer during danger­ous times

The slow death of a nation

There is no label for what Pakist­an is enduri­ng becaus­e no one wants to attrib­ute this self-inflic­ted spiral to state

CII on women’s lives

Civil societ­y should questi­on wisdom of keepin­g CII, seek its abolit­ion since it failed to respon­d to need of the time

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