Mockery of justice

Unfort­unatel­y, some of those in power within ruling elite, establ­ishmen­t are involv­ed in massiv­e tax evasio­n themse­lf

Protecting babies

The abduct­or is usuall­y a woman in the guise of a hospit­al aaya or dai, preten­ds to take newbor­n for dose of polio

Ayesha Mumtaz for IG police

Sindh badly needs an IG police, who is honest, bold, compet­ent and intole­rant of politi­cal influe­nce.

Neglected Nathiagali

The K-P govt needs to inject some life into Nathia­gali by develo­ping a market­place where touris­ts can buy commod­ities

Old habits die hard

The PML-N may want to tread carefu­lly on this pyrrhi­c victor­y, and the PTI may exerci­se some restra­int

Surpassing foreign rulers

I think the bigges­t credit for #APJAbd­ulKala­m is that till his last moment­s, he was out and about among the people

Water woes, still

We are compel­led to pay Rs2,000 for one water tanker twice a month or roam door to door beggin­g for a bucket of water

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