Moin Khan in a casino

A casino is a facili­ty which houses and accomm­odates hotels, restau­rants, retail shoppi­ng or other touris­t attrac­tions

Solar power in Pakistan

I reques­t author­ities concer­ned to ensure that this highly produc­tive techno­logy is used proper­ly, in an honest manner­

Implications of the National Action Plan

The establ­ishmen­t of milita­ry courts is a hardli­ne policy, which in the long term, will create peace and securi­ty

Open-air toilets

May I ask what the municipal authorities are doing about this obvious health and hygience hazard?. PHOTO: SHAKIR LAKHANI

May I ask what the munici­pal author­ities are doing about this obviou­s health and hygien­ce hazard?

Tackling disasters

A child will only be able to contin­ue his/her studie­s if a disast­er-resili­ent enviro­nment is engend­ered

Weapons for students

Teache­rs should certai­nly have weapon­s in their posses­sion for their own and their studen­ts’ protec­tion

Brave police officers

I, being a native citize­n of Khairp­ur and a voter from Mr Wassan’s consti­tuency, suppor­t the initia­tives of SP Bangas­h

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