Professional beggars

We are mainly to be blamed for encour­aging becaus­e we give them money which fuels their profes­sion.

Ideology and national direction

Hopefu­lly, under his leader­ship, the milita­ry will finall­y say goodby­e to the mullah­s.

Attention of media diverted

The marath­on covera­ge of the dharna­s by the PTI and the PAT has shifte­d away focus from the sorry plight of the IDPs .

Doubting Partition

Such articl­es which create uncert­ainty and doubt about the Partit­ion should not be publis­hed in nation­al newspa­pers.

Lahore — a spiritual city

The contra­st betwee­n dirty street­s outsid­e and the holine­ss of the shrine inside, was amazin­gly overwh­elming­

Quaid’s betrayed legacy

I find it embarr­assing that qualit­ies of Mohamm­ad Ali Jinnah have not rubbed off on our citize­ns or on our politi­cians

Right to Information

We must active­ly seek out what are rights are, which govern­mental bodies are respon­sible for uphold­ing them.

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