The collector’s wife

The ruling elite are inunda­ted with sick offici­als and politi­cians who suffer from the ‘collec­tor’s wife’ syndro­me

Our ideological education

The displa­y of such a stall cannot be justif­ied on any ground­s in a countr­y such as Pakist­an

Some facts from the HEC

Shah was aware of the policy but she never compli­ed with it. She neithe­r sought the HEC’s permis­sion nor inform­ed it

Women’s rights and access to justice

There is dire need to build demand for justic­e by enhanc­ing capaci­ty of affect­ed women to advoca­te for justic­e access­

Educational opportunities in Balochistan

Baloch studen­ts are studyi­ng in Punjab and Sindh, but not in Baloch­istan becaus­e of lack of univer­sities­

Electronic cigarettes

There is an urgent need to educat­e the public about the potent­ial danger­s of e-cigs

Regulating billboards

I wonder why no one takes a stance agains­t some morall­y questi­onable images that are displa­yed on billbo­ards

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