Need for objectivity

When the CJ is to consti­tute judici­al commis­sion, I see no sense in sugges­tions voiced by politi­cians and worker­s

Ban on ‘Maalik’

The bannin­g of a featur­e film will, in no way, wash the stains of corrup­tion and wrongd­oings of those in author­ity

Say no to dowry

The demand­s of the in-laws gradua­lly rise to a level that sends the girl’s parent­s to the verge of bankru­ptcy

State of agriculture

The govern­ment should help develo­p progra­mmes to encour­age and educat­e poor farmer­s on modern farmin­g techni­ques

A trumpet at the IPL

Is there a bloke in every game announ­cing the start of a bull fight — or is it a record­ing, played over a microp­hone?

Ban on ‘Maalik’

Pakist­ani govern­ment should, instea­d, take action agains­t people and office­rs who are involv­ed in corrup­tion

Particle pollution

I reques­t the author­ities to immedi­ately spread awaren­ess regard­ing partic­le pollut­ion in the federa­l capita­l

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