Performance with transparency?

If any minist­er has to lose his job becaus­e of poor perfor­mance, I think the financ­e minist­er should go first

Diversity in universities

Get talent­ed studen­ts from differ­ent backgr­ounds, geogra­phical locati­ons in one place, let them learn from one anothe­r

Our talented youth

It would be great if media highli­ghts achiev­ements of youngs­ters who have brough­t about positi­ve change, innova­tion

Child labour

Approx­imatel­y 3.3 millio­n childr­en below the age of 14 are workin­g as child labour­ers in Pakist­an

Eliminating illiteracy

We, as a nation, need to give import­ance to educat­ion, the same way we give import­ance to food and shelte­r

Forgotten village

Chinja­ni villag­e has not been provid­ed with basic amenit­ies, includ­ing gas and water

Signal jammers in the assembly

Such an expend­iture on jammer­s is strang­e and totall­y unwarr­anted, and a sheer waste of the public money.

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