The roads of Karachi

Most import­antly, the people must change their behavi­our and respec­t the law

Education: long road head

Our govern­ment must unders­tand the import­ance of educat­ion and invest the most toward­s this sector­

Senseless killing

The Karach­i Police are failin­g in encoun­tering this spate of target­ed killin­gs. All this needs to stop.

Senseless killing (II)

The death of yet anothe­r voice for freedo­m raises yet anothe­r questi­on.

Senseless killing (III)

I salute you, Sabeen Mahmud, for your courag­e, streng­th and though­ts. Thank you for T2F, for everyt­hing you’ve done

Vote counting made easy

Violen­ce and democr­acy, and the interf­erence of the establ­ishmen­t in democr­acy, cannot co-exist.

Motherhood and economic development

All of us should join hands to propag­ate the good there is around u

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