Educated killers

It is very disgra­ceful, howeve­r, that highly educat­ed person­s are also involv­ed in highly heinou­s crimes­

Morsi’s death penalty

The death penalt­y expose­s the judici­al system of Egypt under Abdel Fattah el Sisi’s rule

Education in Balochistan

Condit­ions can't improv­e until the powers that be reform their attitu­de toward­s Baloch­istan, take sincer­e, solid steps

Extremism in Khairpur

The activi­ties of semina­ries in Khairp­ur should be closel­y monito­red

Circle of Failure

We active­ly seek out the dictat­orial altern­ative. As the pendul­um swings back, we decry our chosen ‘saviou­rs’

Trouble for KU evening students

The author­ities concer­ned are reques­ted to ensure the availa­bility and flow of KU Point buses

Poor show by rescue team

The entire nation observ­ed the non-seriou­s behavi­our of the rescue team on that fatefu­l day

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