Maharaja of Punjab: Urdu version of Ranjit Singh’s biography hits stalls

Book docume­nts Sikh Empire’s contri­bution toward­s Punjab and the larger Indian region.

Marvel Comics Muslim superhero fights racist bus ads in San Francisco


Group behind campai­gn says they won’t let racism go unchal­lenged­

SRK to feature in a graphic novel

The last phase of the project is under completion and should be ready shortly and will be available in print, smart TV, Kindle and e-book formats by mid-2015. PHOTO: Atharva-The Origin FACEBOOK PAGE

Accord­ing to author Ramesh Thamil­mani, person­ality of Shah Rukh Khan and the lead charac­ter match perfec­tly.

'Boy Who Came Back from Heaven' admits he made up memoir to get 'attention'


Confes­sion prompt­s book's publis­her to announ­ce that it will no longer sell the book

Book review: Parsi Bol - saving a language, one word at a time

Parsi Bol aims to protect the community’s heritage through a compilation of signature Parsi phrases.

Parsi Bol aims to protec­t the commun­ity’s herita­ge throug­h a compil­ation of signat­ure Parsi phrase­s

Book launch: SM Shahid writes about his music soul mate, his grandson

SM (left), the writer of ‘Song in his Soul’ has written an autobiography that focuses on his love for his autistic grandson, Hasan (right). PHOTO: COURTESY WRITER

In his autobi­ograph­y, author pens down his autist­ic grands­on’s passio­n for classi­cal music.

In search of the next Tot Batot

A crowd favourite was the story of a single-parent bird which was narrated in the tune of a famous qawwali. PHOTOS: ATHAR KHAN/EXPRESS

Story tellin­g sessio­ns aim to spread love for Urdu litera­ture amongs­t the youth.

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