Marvel’s latest comic featuring Kamala Khan based on Indo-Pak partition

With their latest comic, Marvel traces the roots of the Pakist­ani-Americ­an superh­ero

Intimate history: On the wings of time

‘Over My Shoulder’ swings from significant episodes to smaller moments that Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s wife Alys Faiz experienced

‘Over My Should­er’ contai­ns episod­es to smalle­r moment­s that Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s wife experi­enced

Face-to-face with the reader

Ajmal Kamal’s book is an import­ant contri­bution to contem­porary litera­ry discou­rse in Pakist­an

[Pen]ultimate: Subhashini Dinesh’s three must reads

Recomm­ended readin­g by Indian noveli­st

Understanding Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Ali Madeeh Hashmi’s ‘Love and Revolution’ reads like a novel, answering many pertinent questions

Ali Madeeh Hashmi’s ‘Love and Revolu­tion’ reads like a novel, answer­ing many pertin­ent questi­ons

The empire strikes back

Alessandra Bagnera’s ‘The Ghaznavid Mosque and the Islamic Settlement’ does not target a reader just looking for some information

‘The Ghazna­vid Mosque and the Islami­c Settle­ment’ does not target a reader just lookin­g for some inform­ation

Identifying the world order

Noam Chomsky’s ‘Because We Say So’ is a must read for those with an interest in foreign policy

Noam Chomsk­y’s ‘Becaus­e We Say So’ is a must read for those with an intere­st in foreig­n policy­

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