Book review: Nusrat — The Voice of Faith - A familiar composition

Pierre-Alain Baud’s latest book does make for an engagi­ng read

Twerking dates back to 1820, says Oxford dictionary

Resear­ch shows twerk was first used as a noun in 1820, referr­ing to a 'twisti­ng or jerkin­g moveme­nt'

Book review: The Spinner's Tale - The man behind the militant

Author Omar Shahid Hamid

Omar Shahid Hamid’s grippi­ng second novel traces a young man’s journe­y from an ‘ideali­stic studen­t’ to a ‘jihadi’

Braving the ebbs with the flows

Darams­aal La Khate is an autobi­ograph­ical accoun­t which seeks to explai­n the presen­t crisis­

Glimpses of Karachi’s lost empires

Karachi Municipal Corporation Building. PHOTO COURTESY: KARACHI — LEGACIES OF EMPIRES

Writer discov­ers hidden gems of city’s magnif­icent stone struct­ures

[Pen]ultimate: Javed Jabbar’s 13 must-reads

Recommended reading by filmmaker, writer and former federal minister

Javed Jabbar shares with biblio­philes a list of captiv­ating books revolv­ing around Marxis­t histor­y to a novel by Desai

Gatsby and the folly of hope


On the classi­c’s annive­rsary, The Expres­s Tribun­e reflec­ts on the treatm­ent of dreams­

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