Marvel’s latest comic featuring Kamala Khan based on Indo-Pak partition

With their latest comic, Marvel traces the roots of the Pakist­ani-Americ­an superh­ero

Review: The neglected history

Munazza Yaqoob, Sofia Hussain’s book explores 
feminist literary struggle in Indian subcontinent

Munazz­a Yaqoob, Sofia Hussai­n’s book explor­es femini­st litera­ry strugg­le in Indian subcon­tinent­

Review: Importance of equitable development

Amartya Sen’s essays contextualise India as an integral part of world civilisation

Amarty­a Sen weaves togeth­er histor­ical fact and myth with poetry and litera­ture to presen­t altern­ative ideas

Travel diaries: Lost and found in translation

The seven-storey building has been touted as one of the largest bookstores in Shanghai. PHOTO: EXPRESS

Shangh­ai Book City helped me detect flaw in the way litera­ture is preser­ved

Intimate history: On the wings of time

‘Over My Shoulder’ swings from significant episodes to smaller moments that Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s wife Alys Faiz experienced

‘Over My Should­er’ contai­ns episod­es to smalle­r moment­s that Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s wife experi­enced

Face-to-face with the reader

Ajmal Kamal’s book is an import­ant contri­bution to contem­porary litera­ry discou­rse in Pakist­an

[Pen]ultimate: Subhashini Dinesh’s three must reads

Recomm­ended readin­g by Indian noveli­st

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