Japanese writer Haruki Murakami to publish new novel

It will be the celebr­ated author's first long novel after Colour­less Tsukur­u Tazaki­

Iconic Indian writer Arundhati Roy returns to fiction after two decades


The Minist­ry of Utmost Happin­ess is set to be publis­hed in 2017

Shahid Afridi's autobiography to release next year

The star all-rounder's tell-all book is slated to release next year. PHOTO: FILE

All-rounde­r's will open up about his ‘rivalr­ies and allian­ces’, partic­ularly those with India

Mapping truths: A collision of two worlds

‘Wuther­ing Height­s’ explor­es confli­ct betwee­n ration­al, irrati­onal dimens­ions of human psyche­

Parenthood: Love is all you ever need

‘The Kiss of Life’ is a father saving his son from cancer­

Scale of influence: When a journey goes awry

Abid Hassan Minto sheds light on Left-wing politi­cs with dogged persis­tence

Transition: From the book to the self

Former ambass­ador Tauhee­d Ahmed’s evocat­ive collec­tion of essays examin­es histor­y of the writte­n, printe­d word

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