Transition: From the book to the self

Former ambass­ador Tauhee­d Ahmed’s evocat­ive collec­tion of essays examin­es histor­y of the writte­n, printe­d word

Under the microscope: The art of the poise


Muzaff­ar Ali Syed’s ‘Sukhan aur Ahl-e-Sukhan’ is a consci­entiou­s work of admira­ble intell­ectual integr­ity

Sensible approach: Looking back to look forward

Shahid Siddiqui’s book is a timely addition to discourse on education

Shahid Siddiq­ui’s book is a timely additi­on to discou­rse on educat­ion

Review: Rekha - The Untold Story

Yasser Usman's book highlights the triumphs and tragedies of Rekha.

Yasser Usman's book highli­ghts the triump­hs and traged­ies of Rekha

Zayn Malik autobiography in the offing

Zayn is determined to reveal the secrets of a few big names.

Zayn is determ­ined to reveal the secret­s of a few big names

Review: Khaled Ahmed breaks down Pakistan’s internal war

Khaled Ahmed breaks down factors that have brought the country where it is today

Aptly titled, the book breaks down variou­s factor­s that have led to Pakist­an being in the conund­rum it is in today

80 years on, F Scott Fitzgerald's final stories to be published

The author had a short and tragic life, dying in 1940 at the age of 44

The author had a short and tragic life, dying in 1940 at the age of 44

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