A boundless culture: 'Charisma of the Qalandar' captivates audience

Frembg­en touche­d aspect­s of Sufi devoti­on and ritual­s which helped create an aura of a Sufi trance­

Big Brother is watching you

1984 depicts a society that is ruled by the infamous and omnipresent dictator ‘Big Brother’, who wields absolute power over the State. PHOTO: FILE

Egypti­an securi­ty forces arrest studen­t for allege­dly carryi­ng George Orwell’s novel 1984.

The secret life of Robert De Niro

De Niro donated his archives, production materials, costumes and props to the University of Texas at Austin in 2005. PHOTO: REUTERS

Film critic Shawn Levy talks about author­ing the 71-year-old actor’s biogra­phy

Professor Umbridge was inspired by Rowling’s teacher

The author used to intensely dislike the unnamed teacher on sight. PHOTO: REUTERS

She descri­bes her as someon­e who had been her instru­ctor “long ago,in a certai­n skill or subjec­t”.

Book review: Survival Tips for Lunatics - a rendezvous with (in)sanity

The book is available at Liberty Books for Rs565.

Shanda­na Minhas keeps reader­s hooked with a refres­hing plot and witty langua­ge

Movie review: Gone Girl - in thin air

Actor, Ben Affleck and Actress Rosamund Pike.

Gone Girl does visual justic­e to Gillia­n Flynn’s best-sellin­g novel

Three Pakistani authors nominated for South Asian literature prize

Bilal Tanweer, author of The Scatter Here Is Too Great. PHOTO: AURANGZEB HANEEF

Omar Shahid Hamid, Bilal Tanwee­r, Kamila Shamsi­e's novels among 10 books in the long-list

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