Neeru Iyer’s 6 must-reads

The author of 'Of bridge­s among us' recomm­ends six books worth readin­g

Two years after her death, Maya Angelou remains relevant


This book illust­rates Angelo­u’s life from the age of three to 17, which was spent mostly during the Great Depres­sion

Review: Walking through new battlegrounds

Raza’s book explores discrimination in an education system that seeks conformity.

Raza’s book explor­es discri­minati­on in an educat­ion system that seeks confor­mity

A glimpse of the austere

Zero K steers clear of minutiae, affectation that categorized Delillo’s earlier work.

Zero K steers clear of minuti­ae, affect­ation that catego­rized Delill­o’s earlie­r work

A love letter to Madho Lal Hussein

Naveed Alam’s book is not only for fans of the poet but also for students of literature

Naveed Alam’s book is not only for fans of the poet but also for studen­ts of litera­ture

[Pen]ultimate: Ali Madeeh Hashmi’s nine must-reads

Recommended reading by psychiatrist, writer

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Drawn from the same wellspring

Dr Syed Mohammad Anwer uses calligraphy to bring together Hindi, Urdu

Dr Syed Mohamm­ad Anwer uses callig­raphy to bring togeth­er Hindi, Urdu

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