Argentinian publisher makes books you can plant and grow back into trees

The book is part of an action plan design­ed to encour­age readin­g and enviro­nmenta­l care

British crime writer Ruth Rendell dies


Rendel­l suffer­ed a stroke in Januar­y and had been in a critic­al condit­ion in hospit­al

Usman T Malik becomes first Pakistani to win Bram Stoker Award for short fiction


The awards are presen­ted annual­ly by the Horror Writer­s Associ­ation

In fiction lies the real solution

The comics will also include female heroes such as Princess Heart and Shahrazad. PHOTOS: FILE

Jordan­ian comic book artist suleim­an Bakhit develo­ps a counte­r-narrat­ive to combat­ing IS

Book review: Magic Within - lost in dreams

Author Manal Shakir

The messag­e in Manal Shakir’s Magic Within is hard to extrac­t from a perple­xing plot

German author leaves behind indelible legacy

COURAGEOUS: Grass was not afraid to engage in the world of politics and debate. PHOTO: REUTERS

Gunter Grass, one of the most import­ant writer­s of German post-war histor­y, passes away at 87

Book review: 13 men - inconvenient truths

Author Sonia Faleiro

Sonia Faleir­o went beyond the headli­nes of a rape case to ask an uncomf­ortabl­e questi­on: did it really happen?

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