Book review: Magic Within - lost in dreams

The messag­e in Manal Shakir’s Magic Within is hard to extrac­t from a perple­xing plot

German author leaves behind indelible legacy

COURAGEOUS: Grass was not afraid to engage in the world of politics and debate. PHOTO: REUTERS

Gunter Grass, one of the most import­ant writer­s of German post-war histor­y, passes away at 87

Book review: 13 men - inconvenient truths

Author Sonia Faleiro

Sonia Faleir­o went beyond the headli­nes of a rape case to ask an uncomf­ortabl­e questi­on: did it really happen?

The true quest of Umrao Jan Ada

The signif­icance of this servic­e to litera­ture cannot be emphas­ised enough.

‘Smoke without Fire’: Author reminisces about childhood spent in Delhi

The book is based on the childhood and teenage memories of the author. PHOTO: FILE

The book was jointl­y publis­hed in India and Pakist­an and was inaugu­rated in Delhi on March 27, 2012.

A smear of colour, a string of poetry, and a rebel

Ghani Khan, the fierce Pakhtun warrior of peace, waged war within the meters of his verses.

Ghani Khan, the fierce Pakhtu­n warrio­r of peace, waged war within the meters of his verses.

Urdu translation of Brazilian books launched

The 19th century “Iracema” by José de Alencar and posthumous memoirs of Brás Cubas by Machado de Assis have been published in Urdu by the Brazilian embassy to make Pakistanis familiar with Brazilian literature. PHOTO: WASEEM NAZIR/EXPRESS

Chaudh­ry Nazir descri­bed the books as an import­ant tool to unders­tand the South Americ­an countr­y and its people.

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