Sethu’s world in translation

Anthol­ogy of celebr­ated Malaya­lam writer’s storie­s captur­es comple­xities of everyd­ay life

A vision with insight

Doerr walks you through a blind girl’s life in the backdrop of WW2.

Doerr walks you throug­h a blind girl’s life in the backdr­op of WW2

[Pen]ultimate Uzma Aslam Khan’s nine must-reads

Recommended reading by award-winning Pakistani writer

Uzma Aslam Khan shares with biblio­philes nine books that captiv­ated her

Merging tastebuds with care

The book unfold­s health challe­nges faced by South Asians­

Bob Marley novel bags Man Booker nod

The book highlights the assassination of the reggae singer and its aftermath in Jamaica in the 1970s and early 80s. PHOTO: FILE

Marlon James first Jamaic­an author to be in the runnin­g for presti­gious prize

'Finch' fries, 'Boo' burgers as Harper Lee's hometown greets new novel

The sequel to "To Kill a Mockingbird" is currently the most pre-ordered book on PHOTO: REUTERS

The sequel to "To Kill a Mockin­gbird" is curren­tly the most pre-ordere­d book on

Hackers take a page (literally) from Jane Austen

It remains a mystery who is behind the literary hacking or why "Sense and Sensibility" was the novel of choice. PHOTO: AFP

Resear­chers say adding classi­c text to exploi­t kit landin­g page more effect­ive obfusc­ation techni­que than random text

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