Meena Kumari: Verses from the Tragedy Queen

Englis­h compil­ation of Meena Kumari’s poetry offers peak into real-life traged­ies of a woman who made many cry.

Book review: Hard Choices - cloaked in diplomacy

Author Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Hillar­y Clinto­n narrat­es the hard choice­s she had to make as US Secret­ary of State with tad too much ease.

Did you know? Amjad Islam Amjad’s work translated in Italian

The latest achiev­ement is the Italia­n transl­ation of his poetry in a book, titled, Cento Poesie D’amore.

Pakistan’s literatus recognised

The Ambassador highlighted Durrani’s accomplishments as a novelist and social activist before handing over the award. PHOTO: FILE

My Feudal Lord author Tehmin­a Durran­i awarde­d for her achiev­ements by the French Govern­ment.

The dark horse of South Africa who ran the good race

She cared most deeply about South Africa, its culture, its people and its ongoing struggle to realise its new democracy. PHOTO: FILE

Nobel Prize-winnin­g author Nadine Gordim­er dies at the age of 90.

'Wandering Falcon' author Jamil Ahmad dies

Retd Pakistani civil servant Jamil Ahmad reads a book at his home in Islamabad. PHOTO: AFP

Ahmad died at his home in Islama­bad, aged 83.

Book review: The Wind-up Bird Chronicle - mind games

Available at Liberty Books for Rs895.

Haruki Muraka­mi entang­les the reader in his web of overla­pping plots and a blurre­d percep­tion of realit­y.

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