A mind in dystopia

‘The Heart Goes Last’ moves away from dark corner­s of life, explor­es femini­sm and tyrann­y

Ink that never dries

Attiya Dawood

Every word Attiya Dawood wrote came at a person­al cost

History beyond timelines

‘Qissay Lahore Kay’ presents alternative narratives about city’s past.

‘Qissay Lahore Kay’ presen­ts altern­ative narrat­ives about city’s past

[Pen]ultimate: Fatema Hassan’s seven must-reads

Recommended reading by writer and poet

Fatema Hassan shares with the reader­s books that keep influe­ncing her life

We've been pronouncing Voldemort's name wrong, says JK Rowling

How dare you mispronounce the name of He Who Shall Not Be Named! PHOTO:MOMONEYMOPROFITS

How dare you mispro­nounce the name of He Who Shall Not Be Named!

QUIZ: How well do you know South Asian literature?

Take our quiz and find out

A city in equilibrium

Tangential to the mundane, Shivani’s ode to Karachi converges on its eccentric integral: its people.

Tangen­tial to the mundan­e, Shivan­i’s ode to Karach­i conver­ges on its eccent­ric integr­al: its people­

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