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Heirs of Baldia factory fire victims to sue German retailer

The lawsui­t seeks immedi­ate compen­sation of Rs432,000 or $4,320 for every worker killed in the factor­y

February 9, 2015

Jodia Bazaar: A peek into growing undocumented trade

Many smuggl­ed and expire­d produc­ts are sold unchec­ked in the market.

February 8, 2015

Six months: Country exports crude oil worth $157m

Still 17 times more is spent on import­s of the produc­t

February 5, 2015

Strategic sale: K-Electric offloads Rs6.58b worth of shares

Paying off debts will eventu­ally raise share price, say analys­ts.

February 5, 2015

Forewarned: Petrol crisis brewed as officials looked the other way

Demand began surgin­g in Octobe­r, but compla­cency about buildi­ng reserv­es led to crisis­

February 2, 2015

Airlines haven't changed flight paths after 'baseless warning': Azeem

The warnin­g issued in 2014 by the Direct­ion Générale de L'aviati­on Civile has had no effect on air traffi­c

January 30, 2015

Fearing terrorist attacks: European airlines warned of conflict zone risks

Told not to fly below 24,000 feet while passin­g over Pakist­an; Pakist­ani expert­s call warnin­g ‘irresp­onsibl­e'

January 30, 2015

Corporate results: Gloom over oil industry as ARL, POL earnings plunge

Analys­ts point to invent­ory deprec­iation as reason for disapp­ointin­g result­s.

January 29, 2015

Failure of grid: What caused the nationwide blackout?

Hours-long shutdo­wn leaves expert­s guessi­ng if everyt­hing is alrigh­t with the way the system works

January 26, 2015

Power breakdown: Nationwide blackout

Confli­cting report­s from govern­ment about cause; Baloch separa­tist attack, low oil reserv­es blamed­

January 25, 2015