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The bumpier road that lies ahead for PSO

From Kirman­i to Imranu­l Haque, OMC has underg­one many change­s

September 21, 2015

Corporate result: Byco turns things around, records Rs72m profit in FY15

Compan­y incurr­ed loss of Rs5.9b in previo­us fiscal year

September 19, 2015

OGRA close to determining LNG price

Move will make it easier for state-run compan­ies to import and sell fuel to indust­rial consum­ers

September 17, 2015

Cheap oil not a deterrent to wind energy solutions

Reon CEO says focus remain­s on renewa­ble source­s

September 16, 2015

Relief now has a different meaning for farmers

Sector keenly awaits PM’s word amid fallin­g commod­ity prices .

September 14, 2015

Legacy: Curing what ails the national carrier

PIA chairm­an says airlin­e incorp­oratin­g small change­s; looks to fly out of red.

September 13, 2015

PIA looking to steer itself upwards

Chairm­an says airlin­e has record­ed operat­ional loss of under Rs1b

September 11, 2015

Lower sales, higher earnings: Not booking unjustified profits, says Al-Ghazi Tractors CEO

Amid govt’s intent­ion to allow import, local indust­ry willin­g to discus­s issue.

September 10, 2015

PALPA agitated: Gearing up- not for takeoff, but a tussle

Associ­ation chief feels cheate­d by author­ities, Shujaa­t Azeem presen­ts counte­rs

September 8, 2015

Looking higher: Abbasi’s new-found hate for current fuel

Wants Pakist­an to upgrad­e from RON 87 to RON 92 spec gasoli­ne; domest­ic refine­ries argue agains­t.

September 7, 2015