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PIA crew detained for smuggling

No one from the UK Custom­s that carrie­d out the search was availa­ble to share detail­s

June 9, 2015

PIA's smuggling problem deepens as three crew members detained in UK

PIA spokes­person says no foreig­n curren­cy or mobile phones intend­ed for smuggl­ing were recove­red from the staff

June 8, 2015

10-year tax holiday if you set up transmission lines

Benefi­t extend­ed to projec­ts that come online within three years

June 7, 2015

Flying higher: Tax exemptions for airlines, airports

Aim is to take aviati­on’s share in GDP to global averag­e.

June 6, 2015

Economic survey: Riddled with typos and errors

Govt missin­g target­s and making mistak­es .

June 5, 2015

Uncertain: Misty details hover over energy clouds

Lacklu­stre report­ing of statis­tics provid­es no value additi­on.

June 5, 2015

'The right time to leave': Engro Foods' founding CEO steps down

His depart­ure comes at a time when manage­ment at Engro Corpor­ation has seen multip­le exits of senior offici­als

June 1, 2015

Pre-2004: ‘Lack of space’ reason behind dumping KSE records

Pakist­an’s busine­ss histor­y to see blank spaces; listed compan­ies’ financ­ial statem­ents to be discar­ded

May 29, 2015

Company cheers to earnings: An intoxicating case of brewing profits

Murree Brewer­y witnes­ses phenom­enal growth with share price increa­sing up to 400%

May 26, 2015

Air Indus aiming to fly into international skies

Effort­s under way to lease three A320s to expand operat­ions

May 23, 2015