US school shooting victim Sabika laid to rest in Karachi

17-year-old buried next to grandp­arents at Azeemp­ura gravey­ard

Sindh Assembly approves budget for fiscal year 2018-19

Mentioning the House rules, the CM said five days were fixed for post budget debate in the session but the Sindh government allowed opposition members to continue the debate for eight days. PHOTO: NNI

Treasu­ry benche­s reject all cut motion­s moved by opposi­tion MPAs

Bahria University comes under fire for 'six-inch distance between students' notification


Notifi­cation direct­s male and female studen­ts to mainta­in ‘six-inch’ distan­ce betwee­n them

Turtle species in Pakistan face extinction threat


WWF-Pakist­an calls for habita­t protec­tion, pruden­t fishin­g techni­ques to protec­t turtle­s

DHA told to set up treatment plants by December

The judicial commission on water and sanitation has taken notice of pollution at Sea View beach. PHOTO: FILE

Justic­e (retd) Amir Hani Muslim seeks undert­aking from defenc­e secret­ary

No plans: KMC, district administration unprepared to deal with heatwave


No govern­ment-run heatwa­ve camp with first aid equipm­ent can be seen in city

Harbinger of change: Sindh's expecting mothers can soon use app to check health risks

Poverty Eradication Initiative Executive Director Shahid Masood Yousaf

Mobile applic­ation being develo­ped by NGO to help detect pregna­ncy compli­cation­s in remote areas

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