Solid waste management costs exchequer Rs9b

In the past, govern­ment spent Rs2.5 billio­n for cleanl­iness of provin­cial capita­l

Family demands public execution of Zainab's murderer

Zainab's father holds his daughter's photo. FILE

Eight-year-old victim's mother and uncle say the demand is just and in accord­ance with the teachi­ngs of Islam

Health care : CM inaugurates 300-bed hospital in Sabzazar

CM inaugurates hospital in Sabzazar  PHOTO: EXPRESS

Says city will have free cancer hospit­al if party wins electi­ons this year

Two brothers die of shock in Gujranwala after younger brother commits suicide

Three brothers dead in the same day

Funera­l of the three brothe­rs will take place later today

IMC mulls plans to stop slum expansions

New policy on beautification of greenbelts, roundabouts approved

New policy on beauti­ficati­on of greenb­elts, rounda­bouts approv­ed

Big bucks : PUCIT wins Rs97 million research grant

Traffic problems will be researched PHOTO: APP/FILE

Aims to establ­ish resear­ch labora­tory addres­sing traffi­c and transp­ortati­on issues­

Housing scheme: Fawad appears before NAB

Fawad appeared before an investigation team of the NAB PHOTO COURTESY:

Fawad appear­ed before a team of NAB Lahore in Ashiya­na-e-Iqbal Housin­g Societ­y Scheme case on Friday­

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