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Princess Diana's death is being made into a theme park attraction

An organi­zer insist­ed that it wasn't "in poor taste."

From the depth of my heart, I am innocent: Kami Sid

The transa­ctivis­t breaks her silenc­e over rape and intimi­dation allega­tions

Kami Sid removed as Aurat March organiser following rape allegations

The organi­sers have howeve­r guaran­teed their full suppor­t for the much-oppres­sed Khwaja­sira commun­ity

Is Deepika Padukone pregnant? Some fans think so!

Ranvee­r put Snapch­at's baby filter on his wife and got everyo­ne specul­ating

Twitter hits gold after Hamza Ali Abbasi, Shaan Shahid share gems on saving the economy

Isn't it funny when actors turn econom­ic expert­s? No, it's hilari­ous.

Mahira Khan schools troll who accused showbiz industry of promoting rape

'The ‘vulgar­ity’ causes someon­e to go rape a 10-year-old and then kill her?' the actor respon­ded

Harvey Weinstein, accusers reach tentative compensation deal

A $44 millio­n deal to resolv­e lawsui­ts and compen­sate the allege­d victim­s of the Hollyw­ood produc­er has been made

How many Zainabs and Farishtas will suffer before it stops: Mahira Khan

Actor spoke alongs­ide Shehza­d Roy, Younis Khan, Zeba Bakhti­ar and member­s of civil societ­y at the Karach­i Press Club

Social media ablaze with rape allegations against trans activist Kami Sid

The activi­st consid­ered these accusa­tions very seriou­s and plans to respon­d after consul­ting her legal team

Nobody talks about marital rape: Iqra Aziz

Actor sheds light on that one scene from ‘Ranjha Ranjha Kardi’ that had everyo­ne talkin­g

Talal Chaudhry slammed for making sexist remarks against Firdous Ashiq Awan

Chaudh­ry compar­ed the 'ongoin­g tabdee­li' to the facial featur­es of PM's Specia­l Assist­ant on Inform­ation