Usman Mukhtar, Ali Gul Pir are alive and in no mood for fake news

In case you’ve come across reports of either celebrity's ‘demise’, do not fret!

Entertainment Desk February 07, 2022

In case you’ve come across reports of Ali Gul Pir and Usman’s Mukhtar’s ‘demise’, do not fret, for the comedian and actor are very much alive and kicking.

Turns out an online tabloid announced that Pir had died, with no explanation whatsoever. While an Indian Twitter account shared photos of Mukhtar as “SSG commander Captain Daniyal” who was “killed leading a botched assault on Baloch fighters in Panjgur.”

The prior had to tweet “from his grave” on Sunday, to assure his fans that he's perfectly fine after the bizarre report surfaced. The report had even alleged Pir’s family and loved ones were mourning his 'passing’. “Yes, I’m dead. Tweeting from the grave, I won’t go easy,” quipped the rapper in his element.

The latter, however, was taken aback. Mukhtar shared a screenshot of the propagandist tweet on the micro-blogging site to declare, “Okay then…” In a separate tweet, he maintained, “Dear Propagandas – I’m alive. Please behave.”

Twitterati, however, couldn’t help but take digs at the kind of news pouring in. “Nah, we don't believe you. Aap Kahan k Sachy Hein?” a hilariously refuted Mukhtar’s claim. Another asked “Why Indians are so obsessed with every hot Pakistani man in a uniform?" One more joked, “Come on, Farhan Saeed has died a good four-five times without saying anything.” A fan also asked if Muktar was "tweeting from heaven with 70 hoors."

Several others shared a trove of memes, leaving readers in fits.

Pir's fans didn’t disappoint either. "Ali, you've achieved nirvana," a user informed him. Another asked, “How’s hell?” to which Ali just shared a GIF stating: “I don’t know, you tell me?” Journalist Waseem Abbasi was grateful Pir could “still tweet” while a fan asserted, “Isko Qabar men bhi sukoon nahi aaya (he couldn’t rest in his grave either).”

Nevertheless, we're just glad the two are bringing attention to this absurd misinformation so no one gets confused. And here's hoping both the celebs continue to entertain us for a very, very long time.

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