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A woman who calls for gang rape of another woman is beyond evil: Armeena Khan

Khan has called out a BJP leader for promot­ing rape of Muslim women to 'protec­t India'

Ananya Panday thinks 'The Godfather' is overrated and Twitter's having a laugh

'She's the next Alia Bhatt. Cute, kiddo, gorgeo­us, dumb, produc­t of nepoti­sm,' a Twitte­r user reacte­d

Farhan should make 'Dil Chahta Hai 2' after we are 50 plus: Akshaye Khanna

Releas­ed in 2001, 'Dil Chahta Hai' redefi­ned friend­ship for an entire genera­tion.

I am half Sindhi, half Peshawari: Sonam Kapoor on family links with Pakistan

Priyan­ka Chopra can take notes from 'Khoobs­urat' actor's direct, heartf­elt respon­se to Indo-Pak tensio­n over...

Nine-year-old girl sues all boys' choir for gender discrimination

The Berlin admini­strati­ve court says the girl auditi­oned in March and was reject­ed

I am a proud ISI agent: Hamza Ali Abbasi lashes out at Arnab Goswami

Indian news anchor known for spread­ing hate speech called 'Pyaray Afzal' actor an underc­over agent

Adnan Sami reveals family's Indian connection

Singer, who freque­ntly receiv­es flak for reloca­ting to India, was recent­ly asked about his lineag­e

A$AP Rocky not jailed after being found guilty of Stockholm brawl

Rapper was found guilty of kickin­g and beatin­g 19-year-old Mustaf­a Jafari after an argume­nt

Shaniera, Wasim Akram share heartwarming anniversary notes on social media

The couple celebr­ated their sixth weddin­g annive­rsary on August 14

Singer Katy Perry in trouble after model accuses her of sexual misconduct

Josh Kloss claime­d that Perry was cold to him when other people were around, but very friend­ly when they were alone

Armeena Khan asks UNICEF to distance itself from Priyanka Chorpa

Actor calls out Chorpa for 'deprec­ates peace in favour of her patrio­tism, includ­ing human rights, childr­en, war or UN'

Seam bowling, Khaddi Kabab or Nusrat: What makes Pakistan, Pakistan?

From Qawwal­i to ghazal, Khaddi Kabab to doodh patti, Pakist­an is a beauti­ful combin­ation of variou­s cultur­es