Ali Abbas jokes about having a crush on Mahira Khan and how she didn't care

The happily married actor highlighted the importance of chivalry and respect in gaining the attention of a woman 

Entertainment Desk April 18, 2024


Television actor Ali Abbas opened up about why women gravitate towards him so easily in a recent appearance on Imran Ashraf’s show. Speaking baldly without a hint of reservation, the Guddu star remarked, “It has nothing to do with my looks. But the thing is, I have always respected women.” 

Elaborating on his off-screen persona, Ali went on to note, “When a man opens a door for a woman, or pulls out a chair after her, or enquires after her health - I think that is enough.” 

Ali explained that his gentlemanly outlook translated well into acting, allowing him to pull off romantic scenes with sublime ease. “People think I’m very good at romance,” he said. “Lots of actors have told me that my romantic acting is on point, and let me tell you, only someone with a big heart can become a great actor!”

In jest, the quick-witted Ali commented that he had been in love with showbiz star Mahira Khan “ever since she was a VJ”, although in pretend sadness, he noted that his feelings were not reciprocated. He went on to cite actor Iqra Aziz as his crush, and reminded audiences that love was a beautiful thing. “Love keeps you young and happy and grounded,” he shared. 

Despite his mock public declaration of love for other celebrities, Ali reminded the audience that he was very happily married, and that his marriage to his wife Hamna was thriving. “My one true love is my wife,” he declared to hoots and cheers from the crowd. In jest, he added, “She now holds open the door for me and asks when I’m going off on a shoot!” However, to emphasise the strength of his relationship, Ali credited Hamna for being his rock. “She is the reason I am in one piece,” he concluded. 

Son of actors Waseem Abbas and Saba Hameed, Ali initially faced opposition from his father when he voiced his desire to enter the showbiz industry. However, after completing his law degree and even working in an office for some time, Ali was able to switch careers and become a television producer before moving on to acting. Beginning his acting career in 2014, Ali's most recent appearance was in the television drama Baylagaam, where he plays the lead role of Afnan. 

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