Internet slams 'nasty sell-out' Malala for joining forces with Hillary Clinton

'Glad that the world finally got to see her for what she really is,' an X user posted on micro-blogging website

Entertainment Desk April 23, 2024

Recently, Malala Yousafzai made headlines due to her and former US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton joining forces to ring in the Broadway debut of their co-produced musical. According to The New York Times, Suffs is a new musical about women’s suffrage that traces the campaign for women’s right to vote back to the early 20th century. The musical marks a Broadway debut for Malala. On paper, the news seemed like a milestone worth celebrating. However, many have taken to social media to air their grievances about the collaboration.

Taking to X, one user noted, "Very cool that Malala is working alongside the former Secretary of State who supported the CIA drone wars that killed and maimed countless in Northern Pakistan, destroying access to education; a former SoS who is actively supporting the genocide in Gaza right now. Malala herself has been relatively muted on the devastation of the education system in Gaza. Whatever little she’s said, has been muted platitudes."

The same user added, "Celebrity activists are picked and chosen for a reason by elites - they serve the general function of providing proximity to 'doing good' for those who otherwise leech on this world and its vulnerable. They also can be trusted to never harangue oppressors with power."

One X user utilised an impactful quote to make a point. "You can cuss out colonialism, imperialism, and all other kinds of ism, but it's hard for you to cuss that dollarism. When they drop those dollars on you, your soul goes - Malcolm X," they quoted. Another remarked, "Remember when 'opinion about Malala' was supposed to be a litmus test? What a fall from grace."

A heartbroken user of the microblogging site voiced, "I hated on everyone who hated on Malala for so long and she threw everyone under the bus just like that. But there's absolutely no coming back from this. The soul has officially, fully been sold." Another scathingly penned, "They weren’t wrong then they called her a sell-out because working with the people who killed your own people is certainly a choice made." Yet another said, "This nasty sell-out. How can you work with somebody who’s responsible for killing your own people?"

One user of the site formerly known as Twitter employed the usage of another famous quote. “You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain," they remarked. "Pashtuns, like myself, have for years alerted you folks to her inauthenticity and why she is so disliked in the region. Not because she cares about education and we don’t, but because she’s an American imperialist mouthpiece and shill whose glory-chasing and grifting is actively causing harm to our people," shared another disgruntled X user.

"Above alI, I feel sorry for her. She's not her own person and never will be now. She's a part of a project. She's trapped and stands to lose everything if she stays off course. And of course, has no home to come to. Sad," noted another X user. "Nothing more shameful than allowing yourself to be tokenized by imperial feminists," said yet another user of the site. Yet another added, "This is such a shame. All that she could do, yet all that she chose to do instead. Nothing but shame."

As a final nail in the coffin, one X user pointed out, "I'm just glad that the world finally got to see her for what she really is. A planted and glorified puppet who only speaks when asked to. The whole Malala worship is dying its natural death."

As the news continues to circulate, more and more reactions are pouring in, with a vast majority of Malala supporters and naysayers finding themselves on the same page.

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