No doctor, officer wears gowns or uniforms outside office: Hazim Bangwar hits back at criticism

It remains to be seen how Hazim's response will shape perceptions of personal expression

Entertainment Desk May 15, 2024

In the midst of a heated debate sparked by his unique and fashion-forward appearance at a recent event, Hazim Bangwar has found himself at the centre of public attention yet again. When snippets of his look went viral, former Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry invoked the legacy of the Indian Civil Service, prompting a discourse on meritocracy and professionalism within Pakistan's bureaucracy.

Fawad said on X (formerly Twitter), "Indian Civil Service was the first merit-based bureaucracy of modern world, the authors of Travelyn report could have never imagined in their wild dream the decline we are witnessing in Pakistan Civil Service…Show some respect to the office you are occupying."

On the other hand, actor Yasir Hussain was all praises for the look. "All awards on one side, Hazim Bangwar on one side," he said, adding an emoji that denoted his approval and fascination. Now, Hazim has taken to Instagram to respond to the criticism directed at him.

In a statement addressing the controversy, Hazim highlighted the challenges he faces as a public figure, expressing his desire to lead a private life without constant scrutiny and criticism. Furthermore, he defended his right to privacy and personal expression, while also reiterating his commitment to serving the public.

Despite facing backlash for his fashion choices, Hazim emphasised that he has always carried out his professional duties with respect and dignity, and has always dressed appropriately for his role. Drawing a comparison to other professions, Bangwar noted that doctors and officers do not wear their uniforms outside their workplaces, yet he feels compelled to adhere to different standards.

"I think that most people have forgotten that I'm human, and like any other human I too should be allowed to live my private life in peace," began Hazim. He furthered, "I've left a life of luxury behind to serve my public. The price for which I pay every day by being criticised, trolled, bullied, and threatened for simply dressing well."

Driving his point home, he said, "Professionally, I've carried my office with respect and dignity and always dressed appropriately. No doctor or officer wears their gowns or uniforms outside their office but I guess I'm expected to. My only aim is to serve my public as I have, and I hope to do that in peace."

As the discourse continues to unfold, it remains to be seen how Hazim's response will shape perceptions of professionalism and personal expression within Pakistan's bureaucracy, and whether it will prompt broader reflections on the expectations placed on public figures in the country.

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