Four weeks is all you need to get over someone: Nadia Afgan

The actor spilled the tea on what she thinks love is all about 

Entertainment Desk May 17, 2024

Can you be in love with two people at the same time? Television star Nadia Afgan, evoking memories of her favourite to-the-point Suno Chanda character Shahana, certainly thinks so. Not only that but Nadia is convinced that the painful memory of any break-up lasts no longer than four weeks. 

"Four weeks is all you need to get over someone," decreed Nadia sans airs and graces, dismissing the pain of youthful heartbreak. "The kids of today who say they can’t live without someone – they don’t know anything." 

Speaking as a guest on Imran Ashraf’s show Mazaq Raat, Nadia delivered her uncensored no-nonsense approach to love, heartache, and all the things in between. “Love has no age, and nor is it limited to just one person,” she advised. “You can certainly be in love with two people at the same time, although it’s a different type of love. You can be on the same mental wavelength with one person, and totally obsessed with another. And if anyone says they have only ever loved one person, they are lying!”

Nadia, however, feels that obsession alone has nothing to do with love. "Just saying the words – saying I love you – means nothing," she cautioned. "Saying things like, ‘I’ll pick up a bike with my teeth for you, or ‘I’ll break off a piece of the moon for you’ – these are meaningless words. Love is in the action." 

As for the heartbroken jilted individuals suffering through the pain of unrequited love, Nadia had words of comfort on offer, along with a healthy dose of reality. "At the time you think, ‘Oh God, I can’t live without this person.’ But you will find someone else! And people who say they cannot live without someone after a break-up deserve to be beaten up with a shoe! This is all bakwas. No one dies for anyone else. Just give yourself four weeks after a break-up, and you will be totally fine!"

Nadia insisted her four-week timeline was the gold standard to follow, provided all contact was cut off. "Just switch off your phone, delete their messages, delete their number!" she instructed. "You’ll start eating again after a week. After two weeks, you’ll be bored. After 3 weeks you’ll ask yourself, ‘What was I thinking?’ And after 4 weeks you’ll be totally fine! Four weeks is all it takes!" Softening her stance, Nadia added, "One day, you will find someone better. You grow as a person."

Beginning her showbiz career in 1992, Nadia has gone on to play a variety of characters in a spate of shows. Nadia’s most recent accolades include Parizaad, Kabuli Pulao, and Radd

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